Monday 12 November 2018

5th - 11th November

A short post this week as the end of it got a little weird.
This week I have been

Watching - Rocky trying to adjust to wearing his cone. He had the snip last week.
I took him back to the vets today, all is healing well and he's allowed outside once again.

Celebrating - with a sparkler. G's sister's birthday is on 5th November. As you can tell from the photo this year was a special one for her. 
Family friend L (along with her son, daughter and son's girlfriend) created a wonderful two tiered bonfire cake and they also made this Guy and box of fireworks. Included were a set of mini sparklers, one for each guest at her celebratory birthday meal.

Trying - to look fierce with the help of these fangs. On November 8th 1847 Bram Stoker was born, so with the help of these photo booth props left over from Halloween we channeled our inner vampire.

Extraordinarily Grateful - to our wonderful NHS. 
When I woke up yesterday morning G told me he had been awake for a few hours with chest pains. What kind of pains I wanted to know. Not worrying pains he said. 26 years ago he had a viral infection which affected the pericardium and he said it felt similar. So he rang 101 for advise. They said because the pain had been there for a few hours they were sending an ambulance to check his heart. It arrived shortly afterwards and an ECG was done. The results were leaning towards another incidence of pericarditis but they took him to hospital so he could be thoroughly checked and the option of a heart attack ruled out. Thankfully after having various tests and seeing a cardiologist this was indeed the conclusion so 12 hours later I collected him from the hospital. He has some medication and needs to rest. 
Here's to a less dramatic week ahead.


  1. What a scare for you both, I'm glad nothing sinister was found and I hope that G can take it easy and recover very soon. Poor Rocky, he looks totally fed up with that cone on, he'll be glad that all's back to normal again now. What a fun box of fireworks.

  2. Oh Lisa, that was a scare pleased it was pericarditis and not a heart attack. I have always find the NHS marvellous, so pleased you did too.
    Thinking of you all and wishing you an ordinary week. I love ordinary weeks when life just ticks away nicely …

    Belated wishes to your sister, love how you celebrated her special birthday.

    Here's to a quiet week and good wishes to G, sending get well wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. what an awful scare. The NHS really are brilliant. Hope your week has been much calmer.
    Poor Rocky! Ginty got his cone off in about 30 seconds, and would do it every time we put it back on. That's why he had to wear that Babygro thing, he couldn't get that off! That it gave him a comedy look was just an added bonus.

    Love the mini fireworks box, and the scary family pics!

    Thank you so much for You Know What, very much appreciated, thank you for listening. xxx

  4. Great Birthday box! Worrying time for you and G. I hope he is now rested and on the way to being himself again. x

  5. Thank God he is ok! So worrying!
    The birthday box is lovely!

  6. Just stopping by to say hello :)
    Hope your December is going well.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan