Monday, 19 July 2010


I haven't been around on blogger much recently, certainly posting has been a bit intermittent, reading and commenting a bit, though not much, better.
Reason being is I've not taken many photos as I keep forgetting to take my camera out with me.
Another reason is I've been doing a lot of thinking.
Sometimes I do too much of this, well ok just too much idle daydreaming if I'm honest, which then leads to time wasting and hair pulling when I realise how little I get achieved.
I've been thinking about my life in general.
Don't panic this isn't going to turn into a long emotionally charged and heavy post, but 2 years ago I hit 40. 3 days before the big day I had a great picnic with friends and family to celebrate and then 2 days after my birthday life turned upside down (and stayed that way for a very long while) as my Dad was admitted to hospital and then a few weeks later he died.
In a couple of days time I'm hoping to go on another picnic and celebrate my 42nd birthday and I hope that it will signify some kind of mark in tme for me.
I still have a lot of thinking and considering to do.
And a bit of idle day dreaming too!

In the meantime here's a couple of snaps we have managed to take from the last few days.
On Friday S had to go into school dressed as a Super Hero.
A made up one or a well known one.
We made up Princess Power, any excuse to wear her red sparkly skirt to school.
Not shown in the photo is the cape I made from a lace tablecloth with tinsel sewn round the edges as a bit of trimming. Note to self, don't sew tinsel on to anything again!

G doing his own impression of Dr Doolittle with the pigeons in St James' Park on Saturday afternoon during our weekend trip to London.


  1. Losing a parent is such a life changing experience.My father died 9 years ago and it does change you.You can never imagine a time when your parents will no longer be there.
    Your daughter looks cute in that outfit!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Good to have you back, I'd been wondering where you'd got to :-)

    Reflection is important, and sometimes difficult, but I guess it's the only way you can move forward and be where you want to be.

    Enjoy your picnic, and may the year ahead bring lots more happiness!

  3. I was wondering where you had gotten to. So what did you get up to in London? S looks like a faboulous Princess. Try to remember the good times with your Dad, xxxxx

  4. Hi Lisa! Diane is right, you must look ahead and cherish your happy memories.
    Your hubby is so brave! xxx

  5. Dear Lisa,

    Happy happy Birthday to you, I do hope you have a wonderful picnic and can start to rebuild. Losing your Dad so suddenly is really tough nad grief is a funny old thing the way it works through us.
    Sending you love,

    Sarah x

  6. Hope your period of reflection helps and that this Birthday proves a happier time for you. x