Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Scavenger Hunt

I only have 11 photos to share this month. I failed on the one for April showers. It did rain late last night but I was in bed reading and I didn't want to move from my cosy spot!

My breakfast- apart from high days and holidays my breakfast is the same each day. 2 weetabix, with milk and a sprinkling of sugar and then eaten once the weetabix has completely soaked up the milk.

My camera- my Christmas present 2 years ago from G.

A set of keys- a pub sign near where I work.

An interesting shop name- There is a takeaway shop down the road from us which recently closed down. The shop name was removed to show the name of the shop which was there previously. It was a sandwich shop called 'Large Bloomers.' Perfect for this month's hunt but I didn't have my camera. When I went back a week later which my camera the shop front had another name in place, so inconvenient!

This one we saw in Winchester and is of course a sandwich shop.

Something to do with Shakespeare- road names near G's mum.

A cross- T spotted this one on one of our walks during the school hols.

A church- I visit this church at least once a week. It'swhere my dad's ashes are buried.

Eggs- just had to be Cadbury's mini eggs.

Something yellow- the day the new list came out we went to B&Q and spotted these fabulous watering cans. Again I was without my camera so T came to the rescue and took a quick snap with his phone.

A sculpture- part of a sculpture in one of the City's central parks. The children love climbing up it and then sliding down.

Something to do with St. George's Day- the badge T received on his trip to Twickenham with the cubs last weekend.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has found too.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Happy Couple

Ok, ok, I know we're not quite as young and photogenic as the Royal couple!

This morning I packed us up a picnic and we headed off into town. Our destination was the Guildhall Square to watch the wedding on a big screen with hundreds of others.

Despite a fair about of chivvying along we didn't arrive early enough to nab one of the chairs set up at the trestle tables, but luckily enough we had bought a couple of our own.

The trees were decked out with union jack bunting

The balloon seller seemed to do a steady amount of business

and we all followed the colour code and dressed in red, white and blue too.

At home we watched Prince William driving his new bride to Clarence House in his father's Aston Martin, didn't an already stunning car look even more splendid decked out in it's red white and blue bunting.

Hope you enjoyed your day however you chose to spend it.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter hunt

For one reason or another we didn't get around to making up the clues for the children's Easter egg hunt in the garden.

So I wrapped up the little treats in tissue paper,green for T and orange for S.

As my mum and sister were round for lunch on Monday C helped me hide them around the garden.

They took ages finding them all and S's verdict on the whole thing was.........

Sunday, 24 April 2011


On Friday we decided to make a return visit to

We had such a lovely day out there at the start of the year and had wanted to visit the Winnal nature reserve again in better weather.

We sat in this spot for ages watching T and S playing on this little deck letting their hands trail in the cool, clear water

until they could resist no longer and off came the shoes and socks. Whilst I was laying down taking this photo G used his camera to take a couple of shots of my backside. I won't be sharing those, in fact I hit the delete button as soon as they were downloaded!

A quick zip into Primark was required as T needed new footwear. Whilst having a very rapid browse I spotted this Tshirt in the girl's department. As much as I love it (and S did too) it didn't come home with us because being white it wouldn't last more than a couple of wears before it would be white with non removable stains!

We then wandered down to the river to eat our lunch where a photo shoot was taking place. How pretty the model looked, the sun highlighted the sparkles on her dress and jewellery so she twinkled.

This was our view as we ate. I wonder how much these properties cost?!

After lunch and another reapplication of sun cream, we went to have a look around the ruins of Wolvesey Castle which had been once been the home to the Bishop's of Winchester.

I was hoping this would be a good place for T and S to play hide and seek, but it was declared to not be as not as good as their beloved Netley Abbey.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Bunnies

Some rabbits only come out at Easter, some are used all year round.

This is the newest edition. I spotted him in the window of Whittards and thought his wheelbarrow would be just the right size to hold a handful of mini eggs. It's empty now because it was just too tempting!

Can't remember where this little chap came from but he comes to visit each year.

One of the pieces of Peter Rabbit Wedgwood china I bought when I worked for them.

A fairly recent charity shop find for 50p. Perfect tea mug when eating hot cross buns.

Our sugar jar. Had this for over 15 years and I love it, love it, love it.

This little bunny was a present from Diane to S. He is just the right size for sitting in the middle of the egg dish on the table. Each day from today until Monday a small amount of mini eggs will be hidden inside just a few of the eggs and T and S will have turns each trying to find them.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunny Days

We've been trying to make the most of the weather and getting out and about. After a week of getting along so well it all fell apart on Friday and T and S were moaning, sniping and just plain old horrible to each other. Thankfully a short walk along the shore and an ice cream brought some smiles and harmony for a while. Love S's jacket, it was a present from my sister. Saturday morning was spent in the garden, with the cats for company. Malcolm looked very happy sat up in the cherry tree. His crossed paws made us laugh.

G was keen to get going with more gravel moving and made a start whilst still in his PJ's!

Sunday morning we went to Telegraph Woods. I'm looking very impressed with T here knowing he was giving me the 'Loser' sign which he adopted in each photo taken that day. Don't you just love them when they are like this?!

When we went to the Woods on our first visit we kept to the main path but this time we went off exploring and found a large pond, heard and then spotted a woodpecker, walked past this tree trunk

and found this part of the woods which will look beautiful in a couple of weeks when the bluebells are all out.

G was off with us again today and we decided that today we would head off to Lee On Solent. This was our view as we sat eating lunch. The children were very keen to get their shoes and socks off and go for a paddle which they did as soon as they had eaten

and this was their reaction when they did go in.They ran out again as it was so chilly!

The highlight of the afternoon for G was when T asked him to bury him in the pebbles. I must admit it was very bizarre just seeing T's head!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Rare Glimpse

This is the bottom of my ironing basket. It's very rarely seen. Not only has all the ironing been done but the 4 items of clothing which had been in there a while because they needed small sewing repair jobs have also been dealt with. This empty state won't last long as I'm savouring this image whilst I can.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Through the Arched Window

I can see trees

and my children.

Whenever we meet up with my friend G and her 3 children the preferred venue is Netley Abbey. It's the perfect location for hide and seek, general running around and outdoor games like 'on which part of the ruins are we going to get the frisbee lost this time' and 'oh dear I seem to have dropped your hula hoop over the saftey rail into the water below.' All good fun with lots of laughing and promises of doing it all again in the summer hols.