Monday, 4 April 2011


A recap of the last few days... I was more than Ready for more work in the garden on Sunday after I had donned my new wellies, a most fantastic Mother's day present from T and S. Strangely enough polks dot wellies featured on my Spring board.Isn't the clour of these just so ZINGY. And as if they weren't fabulous enough on their own stuffed into one was a packet of Maltesers and Minstrels in the other. On Saturday we put down a tonne of gravel in the back garden and yesterday we did more clearing and cutting and tidying and boy oh boy it's looking so much better out there. A long way to go yet but this weather has meant we have made a good dent in the jobs that need doing. So I was feeling Exhausted when the alarm went off at 6am this morning as I had to take T to the hospital for an MRI appointment. He had one of these last year and didn't enjoy the experience but today he was an absolute star and just got on with what needed to be done. I am very pleased with the subject of this next photo because it's proof that I can now (sort of) Crochet. Stop laughing Clare! I know it's a bit shall we say uneven, but with practise I hope to improve.

Last Thursday I went into town to meet one of my friends as we had arranged to go to the Andy Warhol exhibition which has just started at the Art gallery. His work doesn't float my boat exactly but we did have a laugh trying on the different wigs, sunglasses and clothing in the room decorated in homage to his Factory.

On getting home from work on Friday I was delighted to find a Parcel waiting for me. I was one of the incredibly lucky winners in Mummy Boo Bear's giveaway at Stitchery Pokery and inside the parcel were all these goodies. A cute card, a UJ postcard, a chocolate egge each for T and S and two wrapped packages for me.

I had won one of the fabulous British @ Heart cushions, lucky girl that I am, doesn't the red, white and blue look so fresh and jolly.

The second parcel was the cutest little heart shaped keyring MMB had hand painted, she is so clever! Thank you again MMB for all the things you sent us.


  1. Well your comment on my "gallery" is even more honoured now I know you have an artistic eye ;o)

    I love your new wellies!

    Victoria xx

  2. Loving the wellies - too nice to get dirty. My favourite colour. x

  3. Yay hey crochet!!
    Lets see the garden then!!

    We've just had a builder round, because we want to extend, and also went round one of their really posh houses, to see their work.

    You can imagine how I felt showing him round our scruffy house!!!

    Clare x

  4. I need those wellies! :0) well done on the crochet....

    Lou xxx

  5. What fabulous wellies. I love them. Hope T is OK. I'm waiting for a grand reveal for the garden!!! xxxxx

  6. What fab wellies!

    Hope T is ok, bless him, those scanners aren't very nice...

    & what a lovely giveaway suprise parcel!

    Carry on crocheting


  7. It sounds like T was very brave having his scan, I wouldn't fancy one of those myself. Fab wellies, I love the colour, and even better being stuffed with choccies. Another one doing crochet, I've got to pull my finger out and learn, I keep seeing gorgeous creations on everyone's blogs. What lovely gifts you received, it's always exciting to receive a parcel.

  8. Oooh, Lisa - I love your wellies! x

  9. Fantastic wellies - love them! What a lovely mothers day pressie stuffed with choccies too!
    Sounds like you've been working hard!
    Well done with the crochet - go girl!!
    Lovely giveaway win
    Gill x

  10. love those wellies _ gorgeous colour.
    Scan's are a bot intimidating aren't they? Thinking of you and T,

    Sarah x