Saturday, 30 April 2011

April Scavenger Hunt

I only have 11 photos to share this month. I failed on the one for April showers. It did rain late last night but I was in bed reading and I didn't want to move from my cosy spot!

My breakfast- apart from high days and holidays my breakfast is the same each day. 2 weetabix, with milk and a sprinkling of sugar and then eaten once the weetabix has completely soaked up the milk.

My camera- my Christmas present 2 years ago from G.

A set of keys- a pub sign near where I work.

An interesting shop name- There is a takeaway shop down the road from us which recently closed down. The shop name was removed to show the name of the shop which was there previously. It was a sandwich shop called 'Large Bloomers.' Perfect for this month's hunt but I didn't have my camera. When I went back a week later which my camera the shop front had another name in place, so inconvenient!

This one we saw in Winchester and is of course a sandwich shop.

Something to do with Shakespeare- road names near G's mum.

A cross- T spotted this one on one of our walks during the school hols.

A church- I visit this church at least once a week. It'swhere my dad's ashes are buried.

Eggs- just had to be Cadbury's mini eggs.

Something yellow- the day the new list came out we went to B&Q and spotted these fabulous watering cans. Again I was without my camera so T came to the rescue and took a quick snap with his phone.

A sculpture- part of a sculpture in one of the City's central parks. The children love climbing up it and then sliding down.

Something to do with St. George's Day- the badge T received on his trip to Twickenham with the cubs last weekend.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has found too.


  1. I love the something yellow photo!

    April showers has been a difficult one - I am really glad I took my photo during the only shower we had! I almost didn't bother as I never expected to have a month with no rain!

    Looking forward to seeing the new list now!

  2. I was trying to find a sign for set of keys like yours but failed. As you know, I cheated for April showers - who could have known we would have a dry April ?!

  3. Love the row of ducks!

    I am a weetabix fan too.

  4. I failed totally on the scavenger hunt this month! Time is flying by once again. I really like your duck watering cans photo - made me laugh!x

  5. The ducks look great! No showers for me either - I cheated with a watering can, e

  6. You've done so well with your Scavenger Hunt photos Lisa. I failed miserably this month, and won't be submitting any! My OH has butter on Weetabix, and my Dad used to mush them all up in milk to a slop. Yuk, maybe that's why I don't eat cereal. x

  7. I love the keys and the St George's day badge. They are really original. Great collection. Well hunted.

  8. Great photos, Lisa - once again, I haven't got my a**e into gear, but will try and do better this month!