Monday, 25 September 2017

Family Day

Today is Family Day.
This is the first photo to appear on my blog and so without question it had to be the one I chose for today.
It makes me so very happy. 
Hold them close.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Brooches, Biscuits and Cake

Every day may not be good, but there is some good in every day.

I try and remember this when I feel like I'm not having a great day.

Taking a step back from the situation you find yourself in and thinking 'ok this part of the day isn't the best but what good things have already happened' is something I attempt to do when I find myself thinking what a rubbish day I'm having.

Although I don't to it every single day, I do try really hard to keep to the habit of writing down one thing that day I am grateful for.

Yesterday was World Gratitude day.
There are so many things I am grateful for in my life.

Friends for starters.
People with whom I am still friends after being at school with them over 30 years ago.

Friends in blogland which is why I wore Kezzie's brooch on my lapel to remind me of all I met through the wonders of the web.

Friends at work.
I took a box of shortbread into work with me and explained that not only was I grateful there that was something as delicious as shortbread in the world, I was also grateful I could share it with some lovely work colleagues.
My boss has been so supportive when I have needed a bit of time off here and there with S that I bought her a separate pressie as she hasn't much of a sweet tooth.
She eats breakfast at work and most day this consists of some kind of yogurt, so I bought her a big tub of this gourmet raspberry which she said was very scrummy indeed.

Another little brooch was worn today for Ice Cream Cone day.

Last night I baked these cakes in a cone and then popped them in a tin overnight then they would be ready for me to finish off this evening.
Now the point of them being in a cone is that the buttercream icing should look like a Mr Whippy ice cream but as you can see that part was a massive fail.

I set to this evening and then found I didn't have as much icing sugar as I thought I did and so I decided to just go with half the amount quoted in the recipe. But I mis-calculated the other ingredients and it ended up as runny icing instead. 
Blame it on being impatient to finish them, a bit tired after a tiring working week and just a general lack of concentration.
Never mind, the point is I tried and I'm sure they'll taste just fine.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


I was quite boring and went for this straightforward, but nevertheless very refreshing, mix for Punch day.
Had I known that T was going to have some incredibly exciting news today in the shape of a job offer I may well have planned something a little more celebratory.
So proud of that boy. 
Fingers crossed all works out well for him.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Ahoy There

Well shiver me timbers, today, of course, has been Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Good old Pinterest came up trumps again with a quick and quirky idea which resulted in me getting busy with mini cheeses and black food colouring.
S had a little pirate babybel popped into her lunch box today.

This is one of my designated work dresses and it was very apt wearing it today what with the parrots and desert island palm trees contained within the pattern.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Cheese please

Cheeseburger day made the choice of evening meal an easy one.
Meat burgers for G, vegetarian burgers for me and S.
Lashings of sauce and mayo all round.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tuesday to Sunday

Well that was a week I don't want to repeat again in a hurry.

I haven't been able to get on the www at home as we stopped with one internet  provider to transfer to another and in theory we know these things should go smoothly but we also know that that isn't always how it goes.

Plus we have had a minor blip of an incident with S.
All sorted now.

I have been keeping up with my daily activities but with no internet I haven't been able to post so this is a little round up.

The post will be a little photo light as two days were based around edible delights and they were consumed before photos were taken!

Tuesday was chocolate milkshake day.
G concocted this for S.

Wednesday was peanut day and so I took the slow cooker out of the cupboard, dusted it down and made this chicken meal.

Thursday was a celebration day in India called Hindu Divas
I went with reflecting the design of the flag in my outfit.

Friday was International dot day.
My love of polka dots has been documented here over the years.
Dots feature on a multitude of items here at home from china, the tablecloth, our bedding and of course my clothing so it was easy to find something suitable to wear to work.

Yesterday was Gymnastics day.
Now my gymnastic abilities have always been pretty much limited to forward rolls, I could never do a cartwheel or a proficient handstand so this activity needed us to get busy with the chalk again.

Now it's Sunday and we are at Wife Appreciation Day.
According to the blurb it's a day for husband's 
d this is a this is a chance for husbands to look back and remember all the big and     l to look back and remember all the big and little things that add up to so much.

I have to say that G does make me feel appreciated pretty much most of the time. 
Of course we have our moments like every other couple, life isn't perfect and neither are we.
We do spend a lot of time laughing together.
Take for instance earlier this week.
I had ordered a necklace.
It was in the shape of a badger's face.
The necklace arrived and it was much bigger than I thought it was going to be which actually was just fine.
But the chain it was attached to was hideous.
A great big thick chain.
G took one look at it and said 'who do you think you are MC Badger?'
The next thing I knew he had thrust his baseball cap at me and said 'pose.'
Ridiculous behaviour, but fun.

Please bear with me over the coming week as I start to visit everyone and catch up with posts to see what you've all been doing.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Friday to Monday

After a long first week (although it was actually only 4 days worth) of getting back into the school routine, Friday night rolled around and I just didn't have the energy to blog.
Couple that with hardly going near the laptop over the weekend and the result is a catch up post today.

So let's rewind to Friday when Alecia Beth Moore had her birthday.
Who? I hear you say.
She is more commonly known by the name P!nk.
A glass of rosé would have gone down well but as I had to collect S from her dance class I made do with a different kind of pink fizz and had a glass of raspberry lemonade instead.
It was delicious and something I would definitely buy again.

I had been looking forward to Teddy Bear day since the start of the month because I couldn't wait to make these super cute pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast.

The national Heritage Open Days event was on over the weekend and luckily for us there was a very local event to pop along to.

There is a new theatre opening in our city next year and their very first production is to be a play all about Southampton's link to the Spitfire. Members of the cast were at the event recreating a little snippet of the story, once the tickets go on sale G and I will be booking to go along to see this slice of local history.

Walking back home I popped into one of the charity shops and found these badges for 50p.
You just know what was written on the one which is missing don't you!
How perfect would they have been for Patrick Swayze's birthday? 
Oh well at least I'll have them for next year.

Sunday was Grandparents day and so I spent a little time thinking about each of mine in turn.

This is a photo of my mum's dad (sitting) and my dad's dad (standing) on my parents wedding day, making the date this photo was taken 29th July 1967.
I have very fond memories from when I was 16 and 17 going to the library with my maternal grandad each Monday on my day off from work. He passed away a couple of years later and so I'm so glad to have shared those times with him.

My paternal grandad we called Grandad Poochie. 
I don't remember why we called him that though!
I know he had a dog and maybe it was called Poochie. 
I was born in the front bedroom of his house as my parents lived with him for the first couple of years of their marriage. He lived near to the senior school I one day hoped to go to and so I would be able to go and visit him at lunchtimes. 
It wasn't to be as he died when I was in the first year of junior school. 
I can still so clearly remember my dad telling us that grandad had died. It was the first time I ever saw my dad cry.

Ok let's lighten the mood a bit and talk about a rom com G and I watched.
Made in 2009 New in Town stars Renée Zellwegger and Harry Connick Jr. She is a business executive relocated to sub zero Minnesota from sunny Miami to close down a food factory. He is the local union rep. They start off by bickering and then fall for each other. No huge surprises for how things turn out!
It's a good Sunday afternoon type of movie which is exactly when we watched it.
If I was being very strict about these things we should have actually seen it today as 11th September is Mr Connick Jr's birthday but as G is on a late shift today viewing it together wouldn't have been possible.