Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Royal Wedding

For Harry and Meghan's big day I made sure the front room was decked out with bunting.
 My old floral Primark scarf was put to good use draped across the window

and my wardrobe choices when getting dressed this morning were red, white and blue, just like they were back in April 2011.

Unlike William and Kate's wedding this one wasn't going to be shown on a big TV screen in our city centre so it was at home G and I settled down with some nibbles to watch the nuptials.

I made a lovely refreshing drink by mixing
100ml lime cordial
300ml apple and raspberry juice drink
one bottle of 750ml elderflower and rose 

and to finish off I made a variation on these eclairs using vanilla whipped cream.

The whole day was joyful, it was what weddings should be about, full of love and optimism. May they have a life full of happiness.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Chocolate Chip

There really was only one way to go with today's activity.
I got busy in the kitchen and using this recipe we now have a tin full of cookies for Chocolate Chip Day
Time to put the kettle on.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Captain of the Carpathia

What a wonderful afternoon wander I had today.
And the thing which made it even nicer was, unexpectedly, being joined by T.
I must admit I didn't divulge just how far we would be walking, it wasn't actually that far, but if I had told him what I planned he wouldn't have got out the car!

14th May is the birth date of Arthur Rostron.
Sir Arthur was the captain of the RMS Carpathia and when on 15th April the ship received a distress call from RMS Titanic he ordered the Carpathia to head towards the Titanic and by doing this they were able to save the lives of just over 700 people.

We parked by St James church

and walked along the road to the house Captain Rostron lived in.
The house is called Holmecroft and is situated at the top of Chalk Hill.
The house is screened from the road by lots of mature greenery.

At the bottom of Chalk Hill is a relatively new collection of housing which has been named Rostron Close.

Our route back to the car was a circular one and just before we reached it we stopped off at the burial ground which is linked to the church where we found the final resting place of Captain Rostron.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

James, Fred, Irving and Florence

We've had the chalk out again, this time it was for marking the birth of J.M Barrie on 9th May.
G  drew me a set of fairy wings and a wand so I could pretend to be Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan.

Thursday and Friday were rolled into one with the viewing of a truly dreadful movie called Blue Skies. This movie was selected for Fred Astaire's birthday on 10th and Irving Berlin's birthday on 11th.
Irving Berlin wrote some wonderful songs but the threadbare story which was used to string them together in this film was uninspiring to say the least.

Another birthday for 12th. 
I'm sure you can guess from this photo whose it was.
A lady with a lamp.
Yep, it's Florence Nightingale.

Today is Hummus Day and I had bought the ingredients to try making my own for S and I to have for lunch, but she was invited for a sleepover last night and didn't come home until early afternoon. They will keep and I'll do it another time.

To finish off here is a photo of S after she came home from youth club on Thursday having just become this year's Duck Race Champion.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


.....out of time to blog.
..... to catch up with myself.
...... as in proper running, in proper trainers and getting all proper hot and sweaty.

Surprisingly all the above apply to me during this past week.

Of course the running out of time one isn't any real surprise but I should explain more about the proper running.

G and I decided that enough is enough.
We are both overweight and not very fit.
Regular exercise in some form or another needed to be introduced into our lives.
With a little help from Mr Google I found a 12 week plan on the NHS website.
What attracted me to this was the way it's set up.
It's a combination of the Couch to 5K programme and a set of Strength and Flex exercises.
It's a gentle start on week one to get you going and then each week gradually builds towards upping your fitness level.
We are right at the start, just two days left of week 2, but so far so good.
And I love it that we are doing this together.

So there we have it.
Having to make the commitment to finding the half an hour needed each day of either the Couch to 5K or the exercises has meant that blog time (writing and reading and commenting) has had to take a back seat. As has the ironing, shame that.
I'm sure I'll get the balance right at some point.

Before I get myself changed for tonight's exertions here is a round up from the past week.

Do you remember the scene in Grease when Rizzo throws a pink milkshake over Kenickie and says 'to you from me Pinky Lee'. Click here to remind yourself if you don't.
Pinky Lee refers to a comic who had his own show in the 1950s and his birthday date is 2nd May. As I love Grease so much I had to go with this film reference and so I wore a pink milkshake brooch.

Thursday 3rd was Garden Meditation Day. I haven't a photo to show me sat quietly enjoying being outside in the garden but I do have a photo of our new fence.
One of our neighbours had a huge pile of planks of wood and decking that he no longer wanted. G asked him if he could take it off his hands. Of course came the answer and so during the past couple of weeks G and our neighbour's daughter K have used it to construct 3 new fences between our gardens.
They are a bit cobbled together and have a certain rustic charm to them but they are perfectly adequate and they are very proud with their handy work with wood which would have otherwise been scrapped.

May 4th is, of course, Star Wars day.
Behold three slightly wonky looking Wookies.
You may remember that this Chewbacca headband was G's table present last Christmas. I knew it would come in handy at some point!

The wonderful Richard E Grant celebrated his birthday on 5th May. I know, without a shadow of doubt, G would have chosen to watch Withnail and I but as he was at work I went with watching Twelfth Night which also tied in with Shakespeare's birthday the week before.

On Sunday we were up bright and early to go to the first car boot of the year. It's a little later than normal but the wet weather meant that the field has been too muddy.
As it turned out the field was still too muddy.
To get to the car boot you need to travel down a long twisty road and as we approached it we saw a ridiculously long queue of traffic. 
Temporary traffic lights we thought, but with the help of Facebook G was able to ascertain that people were getting stuck in the mud and needed to be towed off site by a tractor. Later on in the day we saw someone we knew who told us they had sat in the traffic queue for an hour before they arrived at the booty. 
Once we found out the conditions I turned the car round and we went for a walk in the woods instead.

Sunday was Beverage Day and many varieties of drink were consumed to keep up our liquid levels on such a hot day. Tea, coffee and squash mainly as although I had planned on opening the home made sangria we were given at Easter to have with our evening meal I forgot. I blame the heat.

On Monday I woke up with a hideous headache, so it was just as well I hadn't opened the sangria as it could have been even worse.
Monday was Cosmopolitan Day but I couldn't contemplate alcohol so G made us a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie to enjoy instead.
I spent most of the day in the garden, first off planting up some geraniums and then just lounging around. I had a million things I could have done but decided my time would be best spent doing nothing.

For VE Day on Tuesday I turned to my Marguerite Patten Victory cookbook and baked eggless chocolate buns which we enjoyed with custard.

In other news S is still continuing with her therapy sessions and although they are hard work they are making a difference.
Excitement levels are growing on a daily basis as S's trip to Paris edges nearer.
G and I have booked a night away in Somerset whilst she'll be away having fun.
T is still job hunting, he has had a couple of interviews but no success as yet.
Last weekend marked the fourth anniversary of when he lost his beloved brother L, always such an incredibly difficult time.
Malcolm cat was chased by the dog of one of our neighbours.
They never put them on leads when they take them out of the house to load them in the car to take them for a walk, one of them spotted Malcolm and that was that, he went off after him and the owner couldn't get control of him. Luckily Malcolm was quicker and more nimble but I was fuming at their lack of responsibility.
Melvin cat has been unwell and had to spend a couple of days in the vets. Fingers crossed he is now well again. One afternoon he decided that the way to lay was with his paws between a watermelon and the wicker fruit basket. He stayed like this for ages and then rolled over so his head was resting against the melon like it was a pillow.

That's all for now, I'm off to get my trainers on.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Lei Day

I'm sure you'll agree that grass skirts and plastic coconuts are the most perfect accessories for Lei Day

When I was little the one place in the world I was desperate to visit was Hawaii. As a young man my dad had visited during his time working on cruise ships and he confirmed it was indeed paradise on Earth.
And if I did have any doubts seeing Elvis in Blue Hawaii soon got rid of the these. This is definitely my favourite Elvis movie and I would have watched it this evening but I had to go to S's school for a meeting about her forthcoming trip to Paris.

My final nod to Hawaii was G and S's evening meal of sweet hawaiian chicken in the slow cooker although I only put in the same amount of sugar as soy sauce as half a cup of sugar seemed a little excessive.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

No Charge

I feel like I've been away from Blogland for ages.
I've had an issue with my laptop charger, as in it wouldn't charge my laptop.
Thankfully a new one was ordered and it was delivered yesterday.
Hurrah for that.
The amount of times I thought to myself 'oh I'll just look online and see......' and of course I couldn't.
First of all it was annoying and second it was surprising the amount of times I thought it, just goes to show how easy it is to find out what you need to know, it's all just a couple of clicks away. When the internet is accessible that is.
So here's a few days worth of goings on from when I last posted.

Friday 29th April is the birthday of Leslie Phillips. G bought me his autobiography for Christmas a few years back and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Mr. Phillips has such a distinctive voice and he has managed to make the word Hello well and truly his.
The long running Navy Lark is something I discovered through BBC radio 7 and  it was this programme on radio 4 I chose to listen to.

Saturday 21st was Tea Day. Let's face it there are hundreds of ways by which to celebrate this day. Holding a tea party, wearing a tea dress, trying a new variety of tea. I decided to bake a cake because after all tea and cake are a match made in heaven. I chose to make a banana and butterscotch loaf as I have had the recipe in my 'to try' pile for the longest time and it had been Banana Day on the 18th and so this tied in well.
Although it looks ok in the photo, it wasn't up to much and it's not one I shall be making again.

Although Sunday 22nd was Earth Day we had to wait until Wednesday evening for the activity we were going to do to mark the occasion.
We went along to our local nature reserve and took part on a bat walk. We learned about the bats we have living close by and as dusk fell we were able to see the bats flying around over the pond and just above our heads. It was fascinating stuff.
No photos of the evening, just one of the three of us as we set out from home.

On Monday I took myself up to bed a little earlier than normal and settled in with my book as it was World Book Night. This gave me the perfect opportunity to make sure I had enough time to finish off my latest read. 

When I was part of the library reading group we read The L Shaped Room which I did enjoy but I also found it a difficult read in places as it was set in the 1960s and attitudes towards certain members of society weren't at all accepting.
The Backward Shadow is the next part of the story and there is a third and final installment which I shall buy once I had read a few more of the books which are already sat waiting on my book shelves.

Tuesday was a fail. It was the birthday of Barbra Streisand and I had been planning something like this but I haven't found anything in the charity shops which I could use so this day will have to be set to one side for now and I'll try again.

Wednesday was Admin Professionals Day and as that's the work I do I emailed my lovely team of co-workers and asked if they would like to have a buffet for lunch so we could celebrate ourselves. We did and very nice it was too.

There's a little catching up for us to do for Thursday and Friday.
April 26th was Hug an Australian Day and I had a little craft project in mind for the three of us to do. S has youth club on a Thursday which means she's out at 6pm. Since going back to school this term she has been taking part in an extra science lesson on a Thursday which means by the time she came home there just wasn't time this week to do it. However with the youth club premises being used as a polling station next Thursday we'll be able to do a little craftiness then instead.
April 27th was Marine Mammal Rescue Day  S has dance each Friday and so again our time is limited. With this in mind I had planned for us to have a quick game of 'pin the fish on the sealion's nose' but unfortunately I had to work later than normal and so time ran away for us again.
It's set up ready for us to have a game this evening, once S comes back from the dance competition she's been at since 9.30 this morning.

28th April is known as Sardinian people's day. The flag features red and white and so I made sure I was wearing something with these colours and the bow on the side ties in with the blindfold.

To round off the weekend we shall we sitting down to watch The Seven Year Itch.
Today is the birth date of Tom Ewell which gives me the perfect reason for another viewing of this wonderful movie.
Mr Ewell plays the role of Richard Sherman, the neighbour to Marilyn Monroe's character known simply as The Girl.
When G and I went to New York as his 50th birthday gift from me the one and only thing I wanted to do was go and stand on the same spot of Marilyn. 
And I did! It was an absolute thrill to be somewhere when I knew she had once been.