Monday, 5 November 2018

29th October - 4th November

This week I have been

Enjoying - the flame red colour of the leaves on the trees. There is a line of half a dozen of these trees in the car park near my place of work and they are a delight to see.

Loving - the fact our bathroom is another stage nearer completion. The lino was laid on Tuesday which means it's an awful lot warmer in there now. I really love the differing shades of grey and silver.

Having the floor down also meant that the new to us piece of furniture which has been sat in the dining room for the past couple of weeks could be put into place.
We found this pine child's size wardrobe on Gumtree for £35. The seller very kindly agreed to deliver to us for an extra £5. G painted it a shade called Stormy Blue and it's now home to our towels, bathroom cleaning products, loo roll and other odds and ends. Perfect.

Celebrating -Halloween with friends. This year we invited our friends G and M over with their two children J and G. S was in charge of helping them dish out the sweets to our treat or treat callers. It was a slow start to the evening but in the end I think we had somewhere between 70 and 80. 
S made these gruesome looking eyeballs for us all to eat

and whilst she did those I used a tube of black icing to paint faces onto marshmallows which I took in to work so we could have a sweet treat there too.

Trying - out a couple of new recipes for breakfast time. During the week it's always two Weetabix but come the weekend I want to have something a bit different. With G on the Slimming World regime I have been looking at ideas on various websites and baked oats is a firm favourite. I made these on Saturday morning, they are flavoured with lemon fat free Greek yogurt. I served them with a blob of jam and natural flavoured Greek yogurt. Warm from the oven they were lovely.

Then on Sunday I made this jammy dodger french toast inspired by sarah_sw_recipes on Instagram. I didn't put in enough cinnamon so I know to increase that the next time I do these. This really filled me up.

Going - out in our, new to us, car.
Yes we are car owners once again. I detest the whole looking for cars thing. Both G and I have zero knowledge when it comes to cars. We have been half heartedly looking for a few weeks but the time had come to make more of an effort. 
The result is that we are now KA owners.
We are in the incredibly lucky position of not needing a car to get us to work. With it just being the three of us these days we now don't need a larger family size car.
Most of the things we need to do can be accomplished (with a bit of forward planning) on foot, with public transport and online shopping, so it is a bit of a luxury having a car sat outside for the convenience of being able to pop out and get us from A to B when we need to do just that.
Considering all of these things we wanted to buy something small and cheap to run and fingers crossed this will fit the bill just nicely.


  1. Wow what a lot of trick or treaters you had! I've never lived anywhere where we had trick or treaters calling, until now! I really didn't know what to do as I'm sure we'd have had them here so we ended up going out to eat so that we were not at home of anyone did knock... it was that or hide in the dark, haha!

  2. Great news about the car. They are luxuries and although I don't have a car myself anymore, I'd be lost if we didn't have one at all. It's a lovely colour. Wow, so many trick or treaters. We didn't have any at all but they don't seem to bother knocking unless the house is trimmed up, which ours isn't. I love the treats which S made. The cupboard in your bathroom will be very handy. Our bathroom is so small that there's no room to put any storage in there, which is a bit of a pain.

  3. I just love the flame red colour of those leaves - quite spectacular.

    That was a lot of trick or treaters. The grandchildren dressed up and went tick or treating, they had a wonderful evening.

    I think your bathroom looks great …
    So lovely to see your new car - happy motoring.

    May the week ahead be a good one, they seem to be going quicker than ever and now it's only 48 days to go 'til Christmas!

    All the best Jan

  4. Your bathroom storage is fab ! Loving the leaves at the moment too x

  5. The bathroom cupboard is wonderful! What a great idea! Your new car looks good even though I too know nothing about cars! Have a great week Lisa.

  6. Soooo many trick or treaters- I confess that I absolutely hate the concept of it so you are good to be so welcoming. I won't answer the door.
    The bathroom cupboard is really nice- what a good idea.
    The Jammy dodger toast is really sweet. It's good to think of new breakfast ideas!
    Well done on the Ka!x