Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rainy Days, Sunny Days and Birthdays

Well that was a long break between posts wasn't it.
In which case this may end up being a rather long one so I hope you aren't too bored by the end, if you manage to make it that far!

 This week we've been busy getting back into the swing of things after some birthday celebrations at the weekend and the more relaxed days which a half term always brings.

This post though must start with the week before half term. 
I have mentioned once or twice droned on endlessly to anyone who would listen that I was struggling with feeling settled in my new job and instead of doing the sensible thing and discussing it with those who could help I brooded over it.
 I felt miserable and inadequate.
 I did the thing you definitely shouldn't do in these circumstances and that is to let those feelings fester. I didn't want the confrontation of speaking about it all with my new work colleague and I worried about the potential effect it could have on their perception of me. 
Then in the week before half term things got to the point where enough really was enough and I had the conversation I needed to have.
 Thankfully it went ok. I felt calmer and slightly more relaxed about work and as of yesterday I now have my very own desk and a computer. Even though I only got to use it for a couple of hours the knowledge that I have my own work space when I arrive midway through the day has already made me feel more settled and I felt less like a spare part floating around being ineffective in various locations.

Being so absorbed in one aspect of life meant that I didn't give much time and energy and effort to other parts and when Valentine's day rolled round it was pretty much a non event here. Normally I would make something nice to eat, wear  heart patterned clothes and ear-rings, hang up heart shaped balloons  but all I managed this year was buying a couple of packs of Asda's heart shaped crumpets which we enjoyed in a leisurely breakfast on Saturday 15th, better late than never!

The weather for Sunday was bright and cold and perfect for a walk. S wanted to cycle so we chucked her bike in the back of the car and went to the Common. G and I wandered slowly as S in a completely opposite fashion fizzed with energy and whizzed around on her pink bike weaving around all the other groups of people who were out enjoying the sun.
It was such a treat being out and spotting signs of early Spring colour.

As it was edging towards lunch time G decided we should head for the cafe and I wasn't going to disagree. We sat outside and enjoyed hot drinks and bacon and egg muffins. I'm practically drooling looking at this photo of G's deliciously runny yolk.

After eating we spent a little time at the playground. It would have been longer but the sun went behind a cloud and didn't seem to want to reappear again and the temperature dropped a lot.

We didn't do too much during half term. I think we were all just thankful for a week off. S had had a busy time what with her residential trip and all the other activities they had done at school involving the WW2 topic. S had to make a leaflet or poster describing some of the themes they had covered.

On the Tuesday afternoon we wanted to get out for a short walk. No matter where we went I knew it was going to be muddy because of the relentless wet weather we've had but one place popped into my mind as a suitable destination. It would have been my dad's 74th birthday and so we went to one of the places he used to take his dog Tilly. As you can see it was extremely muddy, S nearly lost her welly boot but it was good to get out and be somewhere I associated with my lovely dad. In the evening I got together with my sisters for pizza and cake and a good old chinwag.

Town was visited during the week for some essential shopping and of course there was some non essential shopping done too. These red boots come under that category. What I actually needed was a pair of black shoes for work and what I bought were these red pumps. But then at the knock down price of £3.00 how could I pass them by.

My film to watch in February was Dirty Dancing. This had been a present from G and just like last month's movie How to Marry a Millionaire, he had never seen this one either.  I do love this movie and G said he was glad to have finally watched it.

Of course there had been one thing that everyone had been thinking about all week and that was the birthday celebrations for T and S on 23rd. On Saturday T had gone into town with 5 friends and as his birthday treat we had paid for them all to go and see the new Robocop movie. S has her birthday treat this weekend, another cinema trip but for something much more sedate like Tinkerbell.
On Sunday we had invited family and friends round for a little birthday lunch of sandwiches and nibbles, cake and jelly and ice cream. My sister had given me a tablecloth she had found which she thought would be ideal for the occasion. I like the joke about the current bun the best.

After the children went to bed Saturday night G and I got busy with the balloons and bunting and decorated the dining room so it was ready for when they came down the next morning.

I had bought some streamers and G did an excellent job of folding them together to make some more festive wall hangings.

S loved her new onesie so much she had to go and change into it as soon as it was opened. This was the first of many changes of clothing. When a new gift was opened which contained something to wear it had to be tried on for size and admired by all. 

T was less enthusiastic about posing with his new tshirt which Dr Who fans will doubtless recognise but he was very pleased with it all the same.

And so here is the birthday girl, our totally gorgeous 9 year old daughter

and the birthday boy, our equally gorgeous 14 year old son.

Two more of my favourite photos from the day is this one of S with G

and this one of me with T.

My family. That's what it's all about.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Happy Birthday Rick

Today is Rick Astley's birthday.

I haven't sent him a birthday card, but in memory of the numerous happy times I have spent bopping along to his 1980's hits I decided to bake a something which I have named
 'Never Gonna Give You Upside down Banana Cake'

All together now..... never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you..........

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January Bought Us

: A wonderful evening of Strauss and a dreadful afternoon at a local panto
: A photography exhibition
: School options evening and a WW2 themed residential school trip
: Sunday breakfasts of home made brioche 
: Weekend walks in the sun, the rain and squelchy mud
: Chinese lanterns and candlelit mealtimes
: Jigsaws and games
: Foxes and fawns

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

In My Kitchen

A conversation in our house one evening last week.
G: 'You know those chocolate wrappers you put in the bin just now.'
Me: 'Yes.'
G: 'Well one missed and is on the kitchen floor.'
Me: 'Right, ok.'
G: 'And if you look at it as you walk into the kitchen from the utility room it looks like a dinosaur'
At which point I hauled myself off the sofa to go and investigate (grabbing the camera on the way) and found he was right!
What do you reckon?