Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January Bought Us

: A wonderful evening of Strauss and a dreadful afternoon at a local panto
: A photography exhibition
: School options evening and a WW2 themed residential school trip
: Sunday breakfasts of home made brioche 
: Weekend walks in the sun, the rain and squelchy mud
: Chinese lanterns and candlelit mealtimes
: Jigsaws and games
: Foxes and fawns


  1. That all sounds like a pretty good January to me. I hope February follows suit.

  2. Dreadful panto in a good way?

  3. Sounds like a great January!

    Just love the photo of Marc Bolan. Had a rather be-lated love of him and his music in my late teens early 20's. He was long gone from this earth at the time, but my mum was a fan she even had a few picture singles of him! We used to love to watch old music videos of him together when I still lived at home. Such memories!

    P x

  4. What a lovely review.
    January has flown by ( I have one day left to get my job application in ! )
    Have a fun February x

  5. Oooh, I haven't 'done' a pantomime for ages!!! Strauss-Mmmmm! Richard or Johann?
    Oh yes, I totally agree with you re the train announcement, it(s horrid. You have to be pretty unhappy to kill yourself in such a traumatising way and to affect your fAmily thus x