Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I Spy

with my little eye somethings in my garden today beginning with C.

Cat no.1. Melvin looking very majestic.

Clematis buds so near to bursting into full bloom.

An old colander waiting to be planted up.

Cat no.2. Malcolm looking thoughtful.

Cherry blossom, lovely and frothy against a

clear blue sky.

Cat no.3. A new cat to the neighbourhood who came to visit and tried to make friends.

Colour, lovely springtime colour.

And a ladybird, it doesn't begin with C but it's to cute not to be included.


  1. I hope the ladybird is a sign of good luck for you and your family!

  2. I can't wait to see more of this garden of yours! ;)

    Lou xxx

    PS. what you need is a scarecrow! :0)

  3. Love that colander, what a gorgeous colour!

  4. Lovely lovely lovely - I remember your gorgeous steps from last year. xxxx

  5. We've got some gorgeous weather to look forward to at the weekend if the forcasters are to be believed so I shall be out in my garden too. I've seen loads of ladybirds around this year already, definitely more than I've seen at this time in previous years.

  6. Melvin 'tis a handsome chap! Good job my girls dont live close by...

    Its all looking lovely...


  7. Oh Lisa I love this idea!
    My clematis is hovering on the brink of flowering too, can't wait,

    Sarah x

    Oh to have long legs!

  8. Just wonderful waiting for Clematis to burst open. Lovely pictures x

  9. Lovely pics. There's always plenty of neighbourhood cats to be seen in my garden. Do any of those belong to you! x