Thursday, 14 April 2011

River Walk

At the suggestion of the friend we were meeting up with yesterday we went for a walk at Manor Farm. Despite visiting the farm once with my dad, nephew and T many years ago and taking T to a couple of cub activities that way, we have never gone for a walk there. Something we had planned to do as a family with a picnic in tow, after our walk round Burseldon a couple of months ago, once the weather had become warmer. After our 2 and a half hour walk yesterday the children can't wait to go back there taking G with us next time.

I have a feeling this is the bridge which could be seen in the opening credits of Howard's Way.

The children enjoyed playing on this tree for a while, clambering over it's long, horizontal bendy branches.

The mud was so thick, deep and squelchy that wellies would definitely have been lost had anyone been so inclined to step in, so instead of seeing who could throw a stone furthest into the water it was who could throw it furthest into the mud making a very satisfying thwump noise at it hit the surface. A couple of finds made good nose replacements before they got thrown!

There was lots of green lushness everywhere we looked. The views of the river were just beautiful.

T and S found a little stream to paddle in on the way back to the car. The paddling turned to splashing which turned to soaking. They laughed and shrieked and giggled and it was a delight to hear. Leaving the car park T turned to me and said 'thanks for a lovely day out mum.' That made my heart sing I can tell you. And again just as we were saying goodnight he thanked me for a lovely day. A perfect end to a fabulous day.


  1. Aww, T is such a sweetheart! Glad to see his arm is completely ok now, but he should avoid dangerous situations like climbing for a while!

  2. Such simple pleasures!

    Victoria xx

    PS You're so right about wondering why you let it get so messy but living is hard without mess! Although saying this I do hope the big spring clean will make it easier to keep a check on things day to day!

  3. This is exactly what I think kids should do in the school holidays. Getting out for exercise and fresh air. x

  4. oh what a fun day! I'm quite partial to splashing myself!!

  5. Looks like a fab day! Lots of fun! Your family are soooo cute!

  6. I want, nay, NEED Miss S's wellies!!