Friday, 29 April 2011

The Happy Couple

Ok, ok, I know we're not quite as young and photogenic as the Royal couple!

This morning I packed us up a picnic and we headed off into town. Our destination was the Guildhall Square to watch the wedding on a big screen with hundreds of others.

Despite a fair about of chivvying along we didn't arrive early enough to nab one of the chairs set up at the trestle tables, but luckily enough we had bought a couple of our own.

The trees were decked out with union jack bunting

The balloon seller seemed to do a steady amount of business

and we all followed the colour code and dressed in red, white and blue too.

At home we watched Prince William driving his new bride to Clarence House in his father's Aston Martin, didn't an already stunning car look even more splendid decked out in it's red white and blue bunting.

Hope you enjoyed your day however you chose to spend it.


  1. Wasn't it fantastic when they came out in the Aston Martin!

    Victoria xx

  2. We loved the Aston. I was so envious of Kates slender upper arms - mine once looked like that! xxxx

  3. You two look absolutely DASHING - don't sell yourselves short! >;-)

  4. I love your picture ! What a giggle. Your day looked fun - I watched it on the telly with the teens still in their PJs !

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day! I was watching all day unfold Stateside - wishing I could be anywhere in England!! Don't know why my relatives long ago ever left!!
    Has any word leaked out where they're honeymooning?

  6. How great for you to have somewhere to go to celebrate the occasion. I was on my own at home, as my OH went off fishing! I love that pic of you and your hubby. They weren't throwing wet sponges were they! x

  7. The most important thing is that you're happy!
    Our news showed lots of street parties, I'd have loved to be there!