Sunday, 24 April 2011


On Friday we decided to make a return visit to

We had such a lovely day out there at the start of the year and had wanted to visit the Winnal nature reserve again in better weather.

We sat in this spot for ages watching T and S playing on this little deck letting their hands trail in the cool, clear water

until they could resist no longer and off came the shoes and socks. Whilst I was laying down taking this photo G used his camera to take a couple of shots of my backside. I won't be sharing those, in fact I hit the delete button as soon as they were downloaded!

A quick zip into Primark was required as T needed new footwear. Whilst having a very rapid browse I spotted this Tshirt in the girl's department. As much as I love it (and S did too) it didn't come home with us because being white it wouldn't last more than a couple of wears before it would be white with non removable stains!

We then wandered down to the river to eat our lunch where a photo shoot was taking place. How pretty the model looked, the sun highlighted the sparkles on her dress and jewellery so she twinkled.

This was our view as we ate. I wonder how much these properties cost?!

After lunch and another reapplication of sun cream, we went to have a look around the ruins of Wolvesey Castle which had been once been the home to the Bishop's of Winchester.

I was hoping this would be a good place for T and S to play hide and seek, but it was declared to not be as not as good as their beloved Netley Abbey.


  1. I've only been to Winchester to be a school taught cycling proficiency instructor! It looks gorgeous. Have you ever had a walk / picnic at Mill lawn Burley ? My children used to play in the streams for hours - as did the dogs !

    Happy Easter x

  2. I've never been to Winchester ... it looks lovely. You can't beat a sunny day and a stream to play when you have children!

  3. Looks like you had a great day out and the perfect weather for it!

    Happy Easter,

    Victoria xx

  4. What a lovely day out you all had. Winchester looks to be a really beautiful day out!

    I love the T shirt. I have to admit I would of brought it then rued the day I did. I always never think that white clothes and kids don't really mix!

    Have a lovely Easter Sunday to you all!

    MBB x

  5. Looks like a lovely day out with perfect weather. Have a soft spot for Winchester, though I haven't been there for years.

  6. What is it about water that draws kids to it? My two have always been the same, and still are. I love that t-shirt but it's the same here, Eleanor's 12 but still can't wear anything white, she needs a bib! Looks like you all enjoyed the day.

  7. I love going to Winchester, I go there more than I do town. It looks like another fun day out you lot have had. :0)

    Lou xxx

  8. That T shirst is fab! I love dipping my feet in astream. It looks as if you dah a great day out. xxx

  9. What a lovely place and great weather for getting out and about. I dread to think how much those properties cost, how lucky they are. X

  10. Lovely day, I love the photo of the splashing legs!

  11. Glad you had such a lovely time in Winchester. I love it. We love to have breakfast at Maison Blanc's Patisserie. Yum. And isn't the Winchester Primark the bees knees! Let alone all the other lovely independent shops. x

  12. Looked like a great day out was had by all! It looks lovely.
    Hope you had a great Easter.
    Gill x