Saturday, 5 March 2011

Spring cutouts

I can't believe it was nearly a year ago since I confessed my love of cut outs.

With the lighter evenings, more blue sky and lots of daffodils in bloom all around I thought I would make another little collage of all things Spring-like.
So there's wellies and pumps for the still very changeable weather, yellow florals, reminders for future day trips and spending more time outdoors, hot cross buns and tea, eggs for Easter and a reminder to get Spring cleaning. All topped off with plenty of polka dots.


  1. What a lovely collage! I love those pumps!!

  2. Better than actually buying the things if you ask me. This way you get to look at the lovely "stuff" and not worry that your bank balance has taken too big a hit! xxxx

  3. My mum says I've never stopped playing with scissors and glue and have always loved cutting things out of magazines!

    Victoria xx

  4. I've thought of doing this recently whe I see an idea I could use for artwok. Should do this.

    Lovely skirts in previus pot

  5. My favourite primroses are there too. That's a great idea to get in the mood for spring (I don't like spring cleaning though).

  6. Oh I love your cut-outs, I think its your very own mood board, and is such a brilliant idea. Those sunnies are fun aren't they?

    Sarah x

  7. ..erm sorry Lisa, can't stop laughing at Claire's comment above :D
    I think I have one of the Spring cards you made last year!