Monday, 7 March 2011

A bit of a jumble

Saturday morning saw me, my mum and my sister at what was billed as a Bumper Jumble. It attracted a bumper number of people and it was packed out. My sister co-ordinated our strategy. I was to do clothes, my mum went to footwear and my sister did household linens and bric a brac. I ended up with a very cute miniature glass vase (which I have forgotten to photograph) and 6 new items of clothing. I'm not entirely sure what their pricing policy was as I paid for these my sister's 2 items and 3 my mum's 3 items (one of which was a coat) and I was charged £1.80. I very happily passed over two one pound coins and said 'please keep the change' as I wasn't sure I could stand being squashed in between eager bargain hunters anymore and who minds shelling out £2.00 for that amount of clothing?
As well as these 3 very ordinary tops I managed to get a lovely Fat Face one with green and blue stripes but try as I might I could not get a decent photo of it. The grey one is going to be worn with the skirt from a couple of posts ago.

These 2 are my favourite buys.
Now I know the skirt looks like a fabric which may have been used to make curatins for a caravan in the 1970's but I happen to like that look, which is just as well.

It was then off to Southsea as a friend had text me first thing to see if I fancied joining her for a nosy round Southsea boutique market.
It was their first fair at this particular venue and she had heard about it from a work colleague who had a stall selling her own jewellery.
The advert said it would be part market, part vintage, part car boot and it described the mish mash that was there perfectly. We enjoyed a wander round then had a cup of tea from vintage mis-matched china along with a huge slice of Victoria sponge.
They only thing I felt needed to come home with me was another piece of polka dot cuteness.

Yesterday G wanted to go to a car boot as he is rediscovering his love of vinyl and wanted to browse for records. I really wanted to go for a walk because the sun was out and the sky was blue but seeing as I had done as I wanted on Saturday it seemed only fair he got to do what he wanted Sunday.

I bought these tulips on the way home from work on Friday and they looked so beautiful today catching the sun as it shone in through the dining room window.
Spring is definitely in the air.


  1. I find the best way to avoid the push & shove at a Jumble sale is to volunteer to help !

    Sunday was lovely wasn't it ? hubby went off to paint his boat so Jess & I walked Dillon together & sat on the beach with an ice cream and lots of other people doing the same !

  2. Such bargains! You are an expert (and it sounds as if it is in the family!!) xxxxxx

  3. I love that you had a strategy for your jumble visit!

    Victoria xx

  4. Great bargains - and I did laugh at the thought of having a strategy! Great idea though!

  5. It was worth the tussle for those lovely clothes! :00

  6. Wow, I can't believe you got all that for £2.00. I do love flowers in a vase, especially daffodils and tulips, they really do cheer the house up.

  7. You got some good bargains at the jumble sale. I love the colour of your tulips:)

  8. A whole family organized for a jumble sale! Is it like seasoned women during the sale?! :)
    You did really well!!!

  9. Love the cardie and the skirt. Nothing wrong with skirts that look like curtains in my book! The apple hook is adorable. I have a real thing for knobs and hooks (!).

  10. Wow! That was a great jumble sale and what a lot you got for your pennies! I'm hoping there will be more and more jumble sales - I do miss them from the days of old ;-)
    D x

  11. Your very goodat finding the bargains!
    I think you are right spring is here I can feel it!

  12. Wow Lisa, you got some deals there!!! Makes the charity shops look mega expensive!
    I love the skirt - my type of fabric too - don't do it down, its trendy now.
    Glad to hear you took it seriously with a strategy in mind - got to to get the best deals!!!