Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog Friends

All last week the excitement levels at home were building by the day as we edged nearer to Saturday. The reason being I was going to be meeting up in town with two very lovely people, Clare from Summerfete and Diane from Heartshaped.
Clare and I have met up a couple of times in the past for tea, crochet lessons and charity shop browsing, but it was our first date with Diane who had managed to wangle a weekend away with the footballs fans in her family.

Here is Clare with T and S. She very kindly bought them a big bag of mini eggs each and instantly beame their new best friend. Although S did alternate her affections between Diane and Clare depending on whose hand she was holding at the time!

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of us all together on my camera, you'll have to pop over to Diane's to see that, but this is Diane giving S instructions on how to fly with your coat on a windy day!

My camera stayed in my bag for most of the day, although I did manage to snap something for the scavenger hunt in John Lewis quite late in the day.
We played tourist in your own city (something Diane is exceptionally good at) taking in lots of the historic parts of the City and for the first time ever I walked over this foot bridge and got close up to John Le Fleming, a 14th Century mayor of Southampton, who has been in situ for 20 years!

We walked and talked and ate lunch and talked, we walked and talked some more and then had tea and talked and finally walked and talked round the shopping centre before it was time to say our goodbyes.
A huge thank you to both of my wonderful blog friends for a fabulous day out.
Not forgetting another huge thank you for your gifts.
The prettiest piece of patchwork from Clare, all handsewn

and these were just some of the gifts from Diane.

Talented, generous and brilliant blog friends.


  1. Glad you finally managed to meet Diane, as you've been talking about this meeting in the comment forms for ages!

  2. Hi Lisa It was fun wasnt it?!!!
    Glad you all had a great time.
    I'm going to steal the patchwork picture if you dont mind?

    Love C L A R E xx

  3. Sounds like you all had lots of fun. What wonderful pressies too.

  4. No its on the line.
    Nick is varnishing the floor and yelling at me to get outside and garden, and stop blogging!

    Thats CLARE without the....

  5. Thank you for popping over and visiting my blog. Yes - Frome is certainly a place to visit. x

  6. I had the best day ever! It just wasn't long enough!!- although I was exhausted at the end. You are certainly Southamptons best tourist guide, charity shopper and tea spot extraordinaire! Make sure you watch out for me flying past like Mary Poppins when the wind blows! Lots of love to all. xxxxx

  7. I forgot to say, at the match, the boys ended up sitting behind a little boy that I used to childmind - 14 years ago (he's a big 19 year old now). They had a great time and are up for doing it again - and I only spent £20 in Ikea!!!!!!!!! Thats a personal best!

  8. It all looks so wonderful! I am pleased to have found your blog through Clare and Diane's again. Wasn't it such a sunny day you had too?!

  9. what a treat lisa....isnt this blogging lark great!

  10. What a lovely day you all had.... I read Diane's post yesterday. Isn't it great when you meet someone you really like through blogging! We had a lovely day together in Manchester and are hoping to meet up again soon.
    We could all be employed as tour guides if the day jobs go pear-shaped!
    Love Kathy

  11. What a lovely day you had and what beautiful gifts too.

    Have a brilliant week, Lisa.

  12. So glad you three had such a great time together, it sounds like a wonderful day. I still have 3 photos to find for the scavenger hunt!:)

  13. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Love that heart with all the buttons on it - so pretty! x

  14. What a great day out that looked - and how lovely to meet up in real life and do stuff togetehr!
    Sorry Lisa I am having a mammoth catch up on all your posts as have been busy outside in the garden for the last week or so and have got way behind reading blogs!