Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In the garden today

Just nipped out to the back garden to have another look at our new bedding set. I love it to bits. Polka dots, ric rac, flowers and stripes. What's not to love?
I bought it yesterday in Primark and I want to put it on the bed at the weekend. It needed a wash through first though because like my dad would say 'you need to take the dressing out of it.'

I really should be out there doing something constructive in the sun but it is such a MESS. G has been working really hard chopping stuff down, breaking things up and generally making a dent into the tidying up that needs to be done.
This is the result of his labours.

There's still plenty of room left in it, which is just as well as there is plenty more where that lot came from.


  1. What a lovely duvet set, very pretty. Might have to have a jaunt to Primark!!! Another washing on the line kind of day here today, I'm pleased to say!

  2. Your lovely bedding set looks like certain blogs' backgrounds!
    I echo Ragged Roses, with this warm sun we do not need to put clothes drying on the heating anymore!

  3. Your new bedding set is lovely. We've got the weather at the moment for line drying, smells so much fresher than when it's been dried indoors.

  4. Lovely colourful bedding. I love your Dad's saying! I should have been tidying up the garden today and sowing seeds but I made pink macaroons instead!x

  5. Love the bedding!
    It has been a beautiful day today....

    Lou xxx

  6. Lovely bright bedding.Isn't it lovely to be able to hang things on the line now the sunshine is here.Mr Boo has started on repairing the Summer house,so the garden resembles a wood yard at the moment! :0)

  7. Nice to see you keeping the DQ in a job! Have we ever seen your garden? I can't remember if we have . What on earth are you doing with it? Can't wait to see. PS read loads of your blog again today - makes a big difference now I "know" you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I love your new bedding, Lisa - it's so pretty. See you've recently read Rachel's Holiday - did you enjoy it? It's my favourite of Marian Keyes' books - really enjoyed it. In fact, I might even have to re-read it soon it's a long time since I read it now.

  9. Hello! I've just stumbled upon your blog. I love that bedding - the flowers are very CK-esque. I feel a trip to Primark coming on! x

  10. Love the duvet cover, its gorgeous!
    Primark are great arent they - I love shopping there cos you come away with lots of deals and is always good quality too