Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Box of memories part 3

Nearly finished showing the treasures from the box found in my sister's loft.

Among the photos of me as a baby was this one.
These 2 chaps are my Grandad's.
Sat down is my mum's dad and stood up is my dad's dad.
This was taken on my parent's wedding day back in 1967.
I can remember the day my dad told us his dad had died. It was the first time I had ever seen him cry. We didn't see him very often and I don't have very many memories of him. One very clear one though is of him doing the 'two little dickie birds sitting on a wall' trick with tiny pieces of paper stuck to his fingers. It totally captivated me.

During the couple of days after he passed away I hardly moved from a chair in our lounge and read this book from cover to cover. I can remember telling my mum how upset I was as she was hoovering and she replied with 'he's ok, he's with the angels now' as she heaved the furniture around. It didn't give me one ounce of comfort. I desperately wanted to go to his funeral but wasn't allowed.

The other book I have saved is Baby Island.
I'm not sure how old I was when I read it but I thought it was so wonderful.
Two young girls find themselves on a desert island alone with 4 toddlers to care for.
I thought it all sounded very exciting.
Sounds like a flaming nightmare now!
I wonder what S will make of it when I share it with her?


  1. I always find books for me always jogged memories. Much in the same way as smells and music.

    I hope you have fun sharing your books with your little girl. Although I agree with you four toddlers one island and no escape! That does sound like a nightmare! lol.

    MBB x

  2. Lovely memories. It's awful when a Grandparent dies. My dad used to do two little dicky birds & something magic with his tooth ( which I never realised was a false tooth ! ) - he could move it like magic !
    I love to think we are building memories all the time.

  3. My grandad used to do to little dicky birds too! Lovely memories!

  4. what lovely old memories! Perhaps there is something sentimental for the scavenger hunt to be found here - I'm struggling with that one!

    Rescue rememdy - i think that's great advice! I've never tried it but have heard people speak about it and I would never have thought of it! I'm up for anything that might get me through successfully so thank you so much for that!


  5. This is a lovely post. Grandparents are so special, aren't they? I have amazing memories of my Dad's parents which I know I'll treasure forever.

    I love the comment about Baby Island, hehe :-D

  6. There you go - toying with my hormone fuelled emotions again! At least you left me laughing this time. I wasnt allowed to go to my Grandma's funeral when I was 13 (perhaps a good job as I am a total wreck at ANY funeral) xxx

  7. It's so easy these days with digital photography not to print out photos. I make sure that all my special ones go in to albums as photos can be very special and hold lots of memories, especially when the people in them are no longer with us. Ah, the horror stories we read as children!

  8. Non one can ever take your memories away from you!

    Lovely post.....

    Lou xxx

  9. Crumbs Lisa! Your latest blog has made me realise I'm blooming old enough to be your Mum! Love the photo of the likely lads. All love, LLX

  10. i couldn't go to my grandads funeral either....and i adored him. your post has hit a spot....x

  11. i love the photo, look at the fire place in the back ground and the mirror. my name read me little megs children when i was young, it was so sad i cried my eyes out, a few years ago steve got me an edition of it and it always makes me think of my nan! fliss xxx

  12. I want the baby island book! LOL