Monday, 14 March 2011

Round up

Last week was a bit of a strange one.
S had her birthday party at a soft play centre yesterday and so there was stuff to sort for that. Although I didn't do goody bags as such. There's nothing good about them really is there? Each little girl went home with a little named wrapped package containing a small bar of chocolate and a Disney Princess door hanger/sticker craft pack which cost me 70p for each child. Much better than the £1.50 ones offered by the centre which had a couple of chewy sweets and not a lot else rattling around inside.
G moved office for his job. Not a move he wanted to make, but one he had to make if he wanted to keep his job. All in the name of centralisation and saving money. He now has a short train journey to work.
I went into work on Friday to find that my job is being moved to another office. All in the name of centralisation and saving money. If I go with my job I'll now have to make a short train journey to work.
We are thankful to have jobs, but the restrictions these changes put on us and our family are such a pain.
Chuck in the fact that T didn't get the first preference choice we wanted for his secondary school and so we are working on an appeal, it was an odd week.

Saturday morning I drove up to Salisbury, we had lunch out with G's parents and before we made the journey home again, with G's mum coming back with us, we grabbed an hour to ourselves and went for a wander over to Old Castle.
As you can see from the photos the weather was a bit overcast, but when the sun did come out it was a completely different day.

The low building just right of centre is G's primary school. He feels extremely lucky to have gone to school in such a fabulous location.

This tree has grown this way over the years following the shape of the old moat.

I wonder what this week will bring?


  1. Lifes rollercoasters Lisa - just when you get everything sorted. Hope you win your appeal. xxxxx

  2. Life never goes to plan does it? Good luck with the school thing, I would guess this is more of a problem than yours and hubby's moves, although I know how sudden changes in your job can be so unsettling. My office closed altogether in this town and the nearest was 26 miles away. I was fortunate as my retirement date arrived about six months before the actual closure, but I know what a wrench it was for lots of my friends. Hope it all works out for you.
    Jenny x

  3. I hope this week brings you some 'up' moments after last week....

    I think the home made party bags were a better idea, than the pre packed fun house ones (Voice of experience here!)

    Sending you a big hug...


    ps Emailed you last night - Thankyou !

  4. Hope this week is a better one for you and good luck with the school appeal.

    BTW well done on your anti-party bag stand - I hated the things!

  5. Best of luck with school appeal - do hope you're successful. And that tree pictures is just amazing! x

  6. Annoying how these things always come at the same time - just when you have one major thing to deal with, along come another load of problems.
    Pain about both your jobs relocating - over time I suppose you'lll work around it but these things can be a nuisance.
    I lost my ad-hoc job altogetehr in January - was a supply library assistant for the local authority, working in various different libraries always at short notice (gave up my "proper" job a few years back as the hours werent feasible with a child and a husband working long hours)and they are going self-service now so have axed nearly all the jobs at that level! Atleast I wasn't full time or permanent, terrible for those, but the extra money was handy.
    Good luck with your school appeal.

  7. I love that tree!
    some weeks are like that, all ups and downs, like you say we all have something to be thankful for.

  8. Oh how very unsettling for you... but then that magnificent tree says it all really.

    ( I began to hate party bags and went back to a balloon & a piece of cake ! we are going back some years here.)

  9. Life's ups and downs, there are times when it all seems to be downs, doesn't it? I left my job just over a year ago when they decided to relocate 25 miles away. I was only working 12 hours a week, so it just wasn't worth the extra travelling time to get there. Good luck with the school appeal, hope T gets to go to the school of his choice.

  10. how unsettling lisa...such problems and decisions..there we go enjoying life and thinking how blessed we are, then something chucks itself at us and says deal with perspective with world events not insurmountable but troubling all the same....hope you can work things out x

  11. Good luck with the appeal... Year Six is a terribly stressful time. Sorry to hear about your jobs moving too. That's just happened to a friend of mine too. The world's gone mad!

  12. Oh to stroll in the English countryside.

    Happy Birthday to S!!!