Thursday, 17 March 2011

Florist Window

Whilst on the way back from S's swimming lesson this evening we passed a florist and the window display caught my eye.
A garden of real flowers complete with lots of mini beasts made from craft materials.
I loved this snail with it's shell made from yarn wound round and round

and just look at these toadstools made with lampbases and papier mache tops

I got very excited at the sight of these sandwiches and cakes made from painted sponges.

I may get S to make a couple of these flowers from the cut up inners of kitchen rolls as little gifts on Mother's day for mine and G's mum. One reason being I think they'll like them and another reason I want to have a go and making them too!


  1. Folk are just so talented! Being 'arty-farty' isn't just about being able to draw - thankfully. We've all got an element of the Blue Peter gene, give us some sticky back plastic, loo rolls and coloured paper and we're away.

    Roll up, roll up get your tickets for a flight of fancy. LLX

  2. Thats lovely. I may have to create some of these myself. xxxx

  3. I love the toadstool, it would look great as a lamp. I like handmade presents for Mother's Day, they mean so much more than shop bought.

  4. Some great ideas in that window!

    Hope you're having a great weekend,

    Victoria xx