Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Just how comfy cosy does Malcolm look?

Guess what I've been doing this afternoon Claire?!
Thanks for mentioning picnik. xx


  1. I think Malcolm would like my two! And isn't picnik great??

  2. Woman - you wore me out!!! I had a bath when I got back to the hotel and I could only walk as far as the hotel restaurant for my tea! I was spark out at 9.30pm!! How on earth S managed to keep up with us I'll never know! That girl has stamina! Thanks so much for showing me the delights of Southampton - If ever you need a job, tour guide would be right up your street! You, T & S and Claire are such lovely company. xxxxx

  3. Malcolm looks very comfy.

    I love picnik - it is great fun.

  4. Cats can never hve too much comfort can they? He looks very content!
    Hope you had a good weekend - thanks for your comment!
    Sunny again today - must be a record!!
    Gill x