Sunday, 27 March 2011

Over the water

During the Easter school hols last year I took T and S on the ferry over to Hythe. We had a really lovely day out and the children wanted to go back in the summer with G. We never got to do it then but this weekend with the weather being so glorious we thought it would be an ideal place to spend a few hours out and about. Here you can see how diddy the ferry you get over to Hythe is compared to the Red Funnel ones which go over the Isle of Wight. At the docks today there something larger still, one of the huge cruise ships was in.

The view back into town of South Western House on the right and on the left is a building which featured in the film Titanic.

This is the view in front of you when you have either taken the little electric train or walked up the pier, very picturesque cottages.

We didn't get going very early today so it was lunchtime when we arrived and our first stop was in the pub for a drink and lunch.

These were something different. G had a toffee apple cider and mine was strawberry and lime. His was nicest. They are made by Brothers though not Magners.

We had some info with us to possibly do one of these healthy walks, click on the picture to see the hearts marking out the trails, as one of them led to a woodland which links up to a nature trail.

Instead we opted to stay by the waterfront and follow the path round the marina.

Obligatory photos of family on afternoon out.

Did someone say 'sit up straight?!'

There was a very interesting map of the local area showing it's connection with different aspects of WW2. Like the fact the Mulberry harbour was assembled at the docks before being towed to Normandy and where we live was the SuperMarine works where they made Spitfires.

We watched boats coming in from Southampton water and going through the lock back into the marina. T and S were very interested to see how that worked.

When it was time to make our way back to buy and ice cream before catching the ferry home we passed this fountain which had a sign prohibitng paddling. It said nothing about splashing!


  1. You look as beautiful as ever! It is still -19 here but I'm trying not to feel too jealous seeing your pictures of home ;)

    T and S have grown so much!

  2. That looks like a great day out. I think going somewhere by boat makes it extra special. We've had a lovely week too, although Saturday was quite chilly here.

  3. wasn't the weather fabulous....perfect for a family day out.... unfortunately mine spent most of the day asleep after a night out...make the most of it the way arent those cruise ships massive!

  4. Mmm, toffee apple cider sounds YUM. I am loving your hair! And those adorable cottages...

    Love from snowy (yes, you read that correctly) MO!


    P.S. My word verif is "parent," and you certainly are an exemplary one.

  5. Toffee apple cider? Strawberry cider? Yum - they sound delicious!

  6. Can we put that on the list for my next visit to Southampton? My boys would love it too as we saw the Mulberry harbour in Normandy last year in France. xxxxxx

  7. What a great day out. Hasn't the weather been gorgeous? I can't believe we're only in March.

  8. What a lovely day out! The ciders sound delicious! I must look out for them!

  9. Great photos. I remember Hythe - we visited a couple of years ago whilst on holiday in the New Forest. I remember the railway on the pier and the new marina. There was a show on there for guide dogs and rescue dogs we watched them in the water for ages:)

  10. Looked alovely day out, and the weather looked like summer!
    Often all you need is a day out to make you feel like you've had a holiday, especially if you've crossed the water too!