Wednesday, 31 March 2010

cut outs

When I was a young girl I spent HOURS and HOURS playing games with what was known in our home as cut outs.
Old magazine and clothing catalogues of my mums would be trawled through and cut up. My aunt used to bring us old Simplicity and Style pattern books from the shop she worked in and me and my sisters would cut out hundreds of the 'models' and play fashion parades giving a running commentary on the clothes as they were paraded up and down the 'catwalk'. Or beauty contests where we would make up names and jobs and hobbies for each contestant.
Also making collages on with a specific theme. I remember I did one for school on the 5 senses, all lips and eyes and hands.
Gluing, cutting and sticking.
Hours of fun and happy memories.

I still enjoy cutting out pictures. Sometimes they have been useful for projects that the children have had to go at school. Sometimes they get pasted in my inspiration book. Mostly though they have just accumulated into a big fat pile.
On Monday I was feeling a bit bleurgh. Rubbish weather and a few other issues that combined to a make me a bit low. As I was doing the housework I noticed the box under the bed where all my cutouts are kept and decided to have a rummage.

Oh I'm so glad I did. It was very soothing. Out came the glue and a small piece of cardboard and I spent a very happy hour absorbed in choosing a selection of pictures and words.

It's sat on my mantlepiece in the dining room and everytime I have come into the room and seen the dotty, stripey, hearty, holly loveliness of it all it has made me smile.


  1. Hi Lisa, hope you're feeling better. It sounds like a therapeutic hobby, love your card!

  2. Hi Lisa, i do hope you are feeling better now!! Looks like you had a fantastic time, cutting, gluing and creating!!! Lovely!

  3. I used to do exactly the same and still do! When I was little it was the Argos book for compiling my Christmas list and even now my mum receives a page of pictures and notes!

    Victoria x

  4. Oh Lisa, it makes me smile too! I adore those spotty tights and the skirt and well, just all the colours you've put together. You have a good eye for colour and design, that's for sure :-)
    Cutting out is such fun isn't it? And as I read your post I realised I haven't done that for far too long - I think this evening I will play with the scissors, cuttings and pritt stick. Thank you for the inspiration :-)
    Wishing you happy days and sunshine!
    Denise x

  5. I used to do the same when I was a teenager.Cutting all the models fashion pictures out of the magazines and sticking them up on my walls.Now I cut out recipes and pictures from my country homes magazines. Homes I can only dream about owning!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  6. Cut out fashion shows sounds like great fun! And I'm glad that you're feeling better - there's nothing like reverting to childhood pleasures to lift the spirits :-)

  7. Oh I remember doing a version of that with my sister. We used to choose a female model to be, then a male one for what husband. Then clothes, shoes, homewares, children..... mmm I think you get the picture. Obviously consumerism was alive and well in our house if only in theory! lol.

    Love your inspiration card. I can see why it has been such a pick me up.

    Hope you feel better soon and the sun shines warmly on you.


  8. I used to make my own Advent Calendars in a similar way when I was a kid - times were hard!!! I think the americans call this scrapbooking - looks like youve got yourself a new hobby!! Watch the post for buttony love I am sending your way - and cheer up - thats a direct order!! xxxx

  9. mmm, i love doing things like that...glad it cheered you up xx

  10. Poor you - but a lovely way to take your mind off feeling pants...

    Big Hug

    Love Lydia

  11. I used to love making collages! And I've been thinking I need to make one now that's sort of a "dream board" of things I want to welcome into my life. Yours is fab; I would love to welcome stripey tights and green twirly skirts into my life!

  12. Next time I see you you'll be working for country living then? Lol!
    Hope you are feeling better today? I am sat with a hot water bottle, you can guess what that's for!

    I really need to go to town as I don't seem to have any inbetween clothes! So will let you know next week.
    What day would be best for you? Also it would depend on the weather as i don't want to get blown off the bridge!

    Happy Easter

  13. What a lovely idea! Happy Easter to you all x