Tuesday, 23 March 2010

coats and gloves

I became quite optimistic about the weather after our lovely sunny Sunday.
But today we are back to the grey and wet.
Maybe I should keep these mittens I bought from Saturday's table top sale to hand rather than packing them away to await the wintery months.
They have never been worn. Isn't the heart pattern sweet.

Confession time. Nothing too dreadful though.
I own two coats I have never worn.
Why haven't I worn them?
Because when I bought them both, from different charity shops, they each had a button missing.
And they have sat in the wardrobe waiting for me to get organised enough to buy suitable new ones.
I finally sorted that issue out on Saturday afternoon.
The red coat, owned 3 years, is having the plain brown buttons replaced by much prettier ones.
And the floral coat, owned 20 months, is having the fabric covered ones replaced by equally floral pretties.

Now all I have to do is get them sewn on.
Maybe that'll be a job for this evening. Once S is in bed and G and T have gone out to watch the footie.
Or maybe I'll take a leaf out of Malcolm's book and get snuggly with the duvet.
Just how contentedly asleep does he look?!


  1. The buttons look fantastic!! Great idea!!

  2. I love buttons - but I hate sewing them on!
    It's been so cold here too today, I think we were fooled by sunshine at the weekend.
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Oh just look at Malcolm! Cats really know how to relax, don't they?
    I love your mittens and the two coats and your wonderful choice of buttons - in fact I love it all!
    I admit to having various charity shop items, unworn, awaiting minor changes... alterations just aren't my thing, but I still seem to buy those secondhand items thinking I'll make the minor changes!! Please do 'show and tell' when you're two coats are re-buttoned :-)
    Macy and Milly send their purrs to Malcolm and Melvin :-)
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x
    PS: we've finished the adoption prep course and now awaiting news of a social worker.... we're aiming for approval panel in September - yippeeeeeee!!!!

  4. oooh pretty buttons. They are very pretty. You will be spoilt for choice!

    Yes I have been fiddling about with the heating today, got very chilly this afternoon. And I was wearing a dress too. Trust me that never happens.............lol.

    Awww cute comfy kitty.


  5. Boo!
    Cute gloves.
    Thanks for the info. I shall however give it a miss for now, as I bought more vintage aprons in ichtus today.
    My sewing room is on the verge of charity shop status!

    I'm thinking I could do your charity shops one day in April maybe?

  6. You should have said - I have a work contact who works in a button factory and sends me a tresillion million buttons!!! Shall I send you some to "play" with? Don't worry,I am convinced that the sun will be back out and we are in for a great summer - time to rethink the "tent" idea!!xxxxxx

  7. Love the buttons, and the mittens and Malcom looks soo comfy.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  8. That's a brilliant idea! I love the red material with the funky buttons, and it might be *just enough* colourful cheer to bring back the spring weather!

  9. Love the floral pattern on the second coat, Lisa - can you post apic of the whole thing when you've sewn on the buttons? x

  10. Malcolm looks like one contented cat there!
    Do show when the coats have had their new butttons.
    Hope you won't be needeing those gloves for too much longer!

    Bellaboo :0)

  11. Mmh..you will look even more misterious wearing your pretty trench and black sunglasses! ;-)
    I wish I could buy for myself such cheerful clothes..but at last I end up buying only boring black clothes! xxxx

  12. Hi Lisa....Lasagne recipe really easy....just double layer mushrooms, spinach, and red onion with a homemade tomato/garlic sauce or a shop bought one (like me) and lasagne sheets with a creamy sauce then add some cheddar on top...cook for about 40mins....yum!! My youngest liked it but the eldest hates mushrooms and onion!!

  13. Gorgeous button and what a fab idea :)