Sunday, 28 March 2010


A few weeks ago G's mum rang and asked if he and T would take part in a sponsored relay swim to help raise money for a Parkinson's charity. It was being orgainsed by the co-ordinator of her local carer's support group. Of course they said, but unfortunately I have developed a cold in the last couple of days and yesterday G woke up with a sore throat and so was concerned I may have passed the lurgy onto him. With a very exciting event to look forward to today, COME ON YOU REDS, he didn't want to take the chance and feel yucky today. So we watched on and cheered very loudly as T took is place in the team, which consisted of 7 others, all adults! They swam for 55 minutes and completed 113 lengths between them.
So proud of our T for taking part.

The event was held at a private girls school in Salisbury. I nipped out about halfway through T's swim as I needed some fresh air, it was getting a bit hot and stuffy for me, and I snapped a couple of things that caught my eye.

The entrance looked very attractive

Love the old windows

This tree in the grounds was planted in 1991 by Diana, Princess of Wales.

And I found out, just as I wandering back to the pool, that the building you can see through the trees in the background is the arts block and in there they were hosting an art and textile exhibition. Unfortunately there was no time for a nose round.
Once back in town we stopped off at South Western House. It's now been converted into apartments but in a previous life it was a hotel. I have always loved it, but never been inside, until now.
The city was holding a free event to celebrate The Lost Hour ,what with the clocks springing forward. We had to book tickets for The Last Voyage and the plan had been to sample more of what was on offer but due to colds and tiredness it didn't pan out that way.

We turned up at 7pm to be shown into the bar next door where we were chatted to by a tipsy young woman. She looked very elegant perched on a bar stool, sipping gin from her tall stemmed glass and wearing navy blue 50's style cocktail dress. She gosspied about being part of the entourage staying there with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I think she may have been portraying Vivien Leigh because of few remarks she made, how very glamourous! Then it was on to a room upstairs for a briefing from an American solider who told us that in the next room Roosevelt and Churchill were sat making plans for Operation Overlord. WWe had to show our passes, which we were given at the door, to indicate we had security clearnace to be there!
Finally back down in the reception was a very dapper looking gentleman impeccably attired in his evening suit who had stayed in the hotel before sailing off the next day on the Titanic. He told us how he had chatted with Captain Smith, the Astors, Mr Andrews and Mr Ismay and then he relayed the sights and sounds he had heard the night the unsinkable ship sunk.


  1. Yay for T swimming for fundraising!!! Well done!
    Looks like you had a great time too!

  2. Wow, sounds like a fab day, Lisa. And well done T for all that fundraising - bet he was exhausted at the end of that swim!

  3. Wow, wow and triple wow!!! A very big well done to that young man - what an achievement! And the rest of the day was amazing too!! I got your email - if I ever see any more, I'll grab 'em for you. Is the cinema near enough for you? xxx

  4. Sounds like a great weekend.

    Victoria x

  5. So late to the party, but those events sounded like the most fun ever. Made me wish I lived closer to a big city!