Sunday, 9 June 2013

This Week

Let's go back to last Sunday and a family celebration.
My cousin A and his wife F had invited us along to the christening of their son R. 
He did look a little perturbed when the water was poured over his head but there weren't any tears.

As always happens on the first quiet day at home after a school holiday I was pretty busy getting things ship shape again on Monday, but I am very pleased to report that with the help of the downloads from Brocante Home I am starting to establish some routines which work for me and so this time getting sorted didn't take as long as it has in the past.

My radio station of choice is Radio 4 and whilst listening to it on Tuesday morning as we were all in the throes of readying ourselves for the day ahead I heard a report about the special service taking place that day as part of the  commemorations for the Coronation. I thought it would be fitting if the brooch I wore on my jacket to work that day was the twinkly crown one.

I decided to try a new recipe for our evening meal on Wednesday. As no-one is particularly partial to courgettes I just used white potatoes in the middle layer and topped it off with sweet potato. G and S ate it fine but T took against it instantly saying it didn't look very nice, he liked everything on his plate just decided he wasn't going to eat it. That wasn't the most relaxing tea time of the week! He ate it in the end but getting to that stage wasn't without some stress.

I was on a shopping quest on Thursday as S needs a couple of school dresses. I couldn't find the dresses but I did find these glass juice bottles. At only £1.99 each I snapped them up smartish. The children like apple juice with their breakfast whereas G and I prefer orange, so this pair are just perfect for the fridge.

G took the day off on Friday to complete a couple of application forms. There is a very uncertain time ahead for him and his colleagues regarding the safety of their jobs.

Yesterday was just the kind of day we needed.
Along with our good friends S and J we took the train down to Boscombe.
We trawled a fair few charity shops and then met up with G's brother and his partner before heading to the pub where we all lunched together. From there we went to the beach for two glorious hours. The water was pretty cold and so all I managed was a little paddle but it didn't deter G, S and S who all waded in and enjoyed jumping the waves. 


  1. I love courgettes, but no meat for me please! Cute bottles too.

  2. The beef and potato bake looks lovely to me, so nice to take time out at the beach, I hope the week ahead is a good one & fingers crossed for G and his job.

  3. Sounds like a mixed week but lots of good moments there. I love your juice bottles.

  4. Ah, children and mealtime always a funny time of day I find.

    Hope everything turns out ok with G's job. Such a horrid thing to have to go through.

    Aww your cousins little boy looks so cute in his little suit.

    P x

  5. Hmm. these teenagers are getting minds of their own. I had a similar conversation over dinner with Will last week, as he picked over his meal deciding what he was and wasn't prepared to eat!

    I lived in Boscombe until I moved to Devon. Still have a flat there, which is rented out now, but I have many happy memories of living there.

  6. What a lovely newsy post. I've bookmarked the recipe, it looks delicious, and will give me something different to make when, hopefully, the homegrown courgettes start being harvested. Looks like you had a lovely time yesterday, you can't beat a day at the seaside.

  7. Uncertainty at workis a daunting prospect - fingers crossed that everything will be OK. You can't beat a day at the seaside whatever the weather!

  8. All lovely things - apart from the job uncertainty. A horrible sign of our times I'm afraid these days. Fingers crossed that it all goes OK for him. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I've walked from Boscombe to Bournemouth along the beach twice recently - a lovely walk.

    ooh I'd like your meal plus courgettes !

  10. Lovely post! The sea looks so inviting. Hope things work out on the job front. x