Saturday, 4 August 2018

French Fry

Thank you all so much for the lovely messages you left about our beloved Malcolmcat.
Blogland is full of such supportive friends and each comment was so very much appreciated.

It really is about time I did this post about the week leading up to my birthday and the final daily round of daily activities.

Friday 13th July was French Fry Day and I went for (slightly) healthier option and had a bag of these with my lunch rather than skipping along to the nearest takeaway and snaffling my way through a portion of deep fried fries!

Sunday 15th was another weird and wonderful day. Who would have ever thought there'd be a Gummi Worm Day.
From Pinterest I found instructions for making 'dirt cups', which is just Angel Delight and crushed Oreos layered in a glass dish. Jelly worms were added to look like they were slithering out of the earth.

For Ginger Rogers' birthday on 16th July G and I watched Shall We Dance. The story line was ridiculously flimsy but the dancing was sublime, especially this roller skating scene.

Next up are three food based days. Tuesday 17th was Peach Ice Cream day. I made some ice cream and up until now I had completely forgotten it's the in freezer what with everything that's been going on. I guess we should try some soon!
Wednesday 18th was Hot Dog Day so this meant there was only one choice for our evening meal. 
Thursday 19th was Ice Cream Day. I knew what I wanted to do for this day and because I didn't want to run the risk of it being a cloud free day I made sure I got some photos a little ahead of time.
G and I were very pleased with our efforts.

The day before my birthday I had intended to mark by jumping.
I knew there had been a photographer called Phillippe Halsman who at the end of photography sessions would ask his subjects to jump and he would snap them as they did so.
He believed this act would reveal more of the genuine character of a person than the polished and styled one they may want to project to the public.
I think this is such an interesting idea.
I may not have found the time to physically jump but I spent all day metaphorically jumping for joy at all the surprises my work colleagues laid on for me.
I arrived at work to be greeted by colleagues singing Happy Birthday and my desk covered in banners and primary coloured paper decorations, cards and presents.
As the time ticked round to lunchtime they surprised me further when a table full of food suddenly appeared and we all enjoyed a buffet of party food. 
One of my colleagues is an extremely talented cake maker and she made me this vanilla sponge cake. I told her it was the prettiest cake anyone has ever made me ever.
What a lovely lot of colleagues I have.


  1. Happy belated birthday. The cake looks lovely. I like the idea of gummi worm day.

  2. Well, a belated happy birthday to you :) I see it was a special one, I hope you had a wonderful time! I love the cloud ice creams and the worms in mud too!

  3. Lovely to read your post.
    I love watching the old dance films - they were so good.

    Belated birthday wishes, that cake looks delicious.

    All the best Jan

  4. No fun having to work on your birthday but how lovely that your colleagues had so many surprises for you, a lovely way to celebrate and what a wonderful cake. You've had such fun this year celebrating each day, I love what you did for Gummi Worm Day and you really thought outside the box for Ice-Cream Day. I'm sorry that your celebrations were short-lived with the upset over Malcolm, such a handsome boy who I know will be missed very much. Sending you hugs xx

  5. Belated Birthday wishes Lisa! How wonderful to have a cake made for your Birthday - I would have been delighted too. The cloud cornets are such fun and low calorie too! x

  6. Happy belated 50th. It sounds like a good day was had.
    I had to look twice at the cloud ice creams - very clever photography! My granddaughters would love those worm concoctions!!

  7. Hi Lisa … I was sure I'd commented on this post?

    But, just in case I haven't!
    Happy Birthday Wishes, that cake looks delicious.

    All the best Jan

  8. So many fun ideas! I love the cloud ice-creams and the dirt and worm mix looks tasty (though am not an Oreo fan).
    How nice that your colleagues made it a special day!