Saturday, 9 February 2013

This Week......

.......I baked these Nutella cakes for World Nutella Day. The recipe gives the cooking time as 30 minutes but I found they were done after 23 and my oven normally takes longer than most recipes quote. Eat the same day for optimum tastiness, would be good eaten warm with ice cream or custard.

.......I read the book chosen for our reading group this month. It isn't a scary ghost story, if it were I couldn't read it! It's just over 150 pages and so I read it very quickly, but I am now re-reading it as I need to see if I can pick up on subtleties in the story I may have missed the first time. It's a good read though.

.......I was the very lucky recipient of a give away prize. Simone had very kindly offered to send one randomly picked comment leaver one of the beautiful hare and moonstone charms she had made and I was fortunate enough to be that randomly picked person.
The box it arrived in was so lovely in itself, wrapped with the palest purple ribbon complete with the sweetest heart charm

and nestled inside was the moonstone and hare charm. My photo is quite rubbish, but if you click on Simone's name above it will take you to her blog where you can see a much better photo. Thank you again Simone for this and the chocolate which accompanied my prize.

......... I wore stripes with spots! I love a dash of red and if there are polka dots with it too so much the better.


  1. Why did you have to go and show me want some now!
    I have just started reading Mrs Dalloway that you gave me, it's quite a demanding read!
    Yes to meet up, when is half term?
    I quite fancy trying the art house cafe :P

  2. World Nutells Day ? Joe loves Nutella as I did as a child.
    What a lovely beautiful charm x

  3. World Nutella Day, whatever will they come up with next? Still, it gives all us chocaoholics a great excuse for eating chocolate buns, doesn't it? They look delicious. How lucky you are to win that beautiful charm, it's gorgeous.

  4. How lucky to win the giveaway - an unexpected gift through the post it always a treat.

  5. I had no idea it was World Nutella day!!! I think the cakes would go down a treat at my house! I am glad you like the charm Lisa. x

  6. I found a website that gives celebration/theme days all around the world and it's absolutely great for my job, although I think our chef is getting a bit sick of it! Feb 3 was National Yorkshire Pudding Day, 3-9 Feb was National Bramley Apple Week.....there's no stopping me now!!

    K xx

  7. World Nutella day? I missed that! Love Jewellry xxxxx

  8. Congrats on your win, Simone is such a lovely lady, isn't she?
    Great combo polka dots and stripes!
    Have a lovely week!

  9. what a lovely gift lisa, lucky you....sadly no one here to make nutella muffins for now that girlies are fact there is a jar festering in the larder that could do with being chucked!they do look fab though, maybe i should make them just for me.

  10. Woah, I love Nutella. Those cakes look magnificent. Xx

  11. Those cakes look so tasty. I love nutella. I have a recipe for some nutella cupcakes somewhere, and they are basically chocolate cakes with nutella mixed in with the chocolate buttercream icing. Easy and very tasty. You've reminded me I must make them again.

    Gillian x

  12. Nutella Day! Wow, how did I not know about this?! Your cakes look great.

  13. That book looks really interesting, must make a note of it. And your moonstone charm is lovely.