Monday, 4 February 2013


I feel asleep very close to midnight on Friday, much, much later than my normal bedtime but I just had to finish the book I was reading. It was Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris and was a cracking good read it was too. Definitely recommend this one.

 We had a parcel to collect from the local sorting office and as we did Nearly one year ago we parked the car and went on a bit of a wander.
First off we popped into a carpet shop as we need some new flooring for our bathroom. We saw this mosaic effect vinyl which we both liked, although we are probably going to go for it in a beige or cream colour way.

Near the park are two churches on opposite sides of the road. This one is where we used to go each December with the senior school for our carol service. We would always sing the same carols each year but we still had to practise them for ages beforehand in our music lessons. I loved this annual event and have very fond memories of it.
The other good memory I have about this church is taking T to a summer fete there one year where he entered the fancy dress competition as a dalmatian dog and was awarded the second prize (a cricket set) by wild life presenter Chris Packham.

As we were walking on the same side of the road as the other church I didn't get a full view of it but did snap the beautiful stained glass in the windows.

After popping into the bakers to buy hot sausage rolls and pick up a stale wholemeal loaf from the 'free bread for the ducks shelf' we made our way to the park.
There were lots of rowers out on the water taking part in a competition. Some of the spectators were wearing Bournemouth university sweaters so we guessed it must have been some kind of local inter university event.

The ducks and swans crowded around for the bread which G and S threw for them

and this flock of birds made a huge racket as they swooped down on to the crumbs emptied out by these two people from their bag of bread.

Of course we had to stop off at the playground for S to have a play and I can assure you she was having fun in this swing thing although it may not look like it! 

It was then a short wander back to where we parked the car in this road. I do like to know the reason why roads are given a particular name, is that starnge? Anyway this one was named after Sir Steuart Macnaghten, a lawyer and one time chairman of the Southampton Docks Board, who came to own Bitterne Manor (which you can see photos of in last year's post) and is situated very close by.

Plans for Sunday went slightly awry as we were all due to go to meet up with the rest of G's family down in Bournemouth. It would have been his dad's 83rd birthday and so they wanted to mark the occasion.
Unfortunately T was full of cold so I had to stay at home with him, but S and G took the train together and kept busy on the way drawing cats and butterflies.

They all went down to the sea front and let go of a balloon each in memory of Grandad B and then went to Harry Ramsden's for a much needed warming lunch of fish and chips.


  1. What a lovely way to mark G's dads birthday. Such a shame you didn't make it, but I hope that T is on the mend. It looks like you had a good day out on Saturday though. We didn't have much going on, clothes shopping, which I hate.

  2. I have to say your blog is one of my favourites. I love reading about your simple, happy home life. You remind me of what is most important. And make me miss home a bit too ;)!

    Happy Monday.

  3. Ahh I have all of Joannes books, my favourite was blackberry wine.
    I love following along with your family days out x
    ps. My Mum was brought up in Bitterne Manor.

  4. Lovely thinking of the family letting balloons float away on the beach - sorry you missed it.

  5. A perfect weekend (apart for T's cold!). I love Joanne Harris's books - she's from Barnsley you know and can often be found given a talk in a small library - lovely lady. We have a Macnaughten Road near here - named after a vicar I think. I would have gladly let you drag me into the auction - we would have had "such fun"!! xxxx

  6. How lovely to remember his Bday in this way and to see G smiling.

  7. A full weekend. Love the concerntration on S's face as she's drawing. What a lovely way to remember someone with the balloons. Hope T. is better soon.

  8. It sounds like a nice week and a nice way to mark the birthday, what a shame you couldn't join them, I hope T is feeling better.

  9. I hope T is feeling better, such a shame you missed the trip.
    We read Gentlemen & players at reading group a couple of years ago and everyone very much enjoyed it.

  10. Joanne Harris is such a good writer - I've read all of her others except this one! Sounds like a must read though.
    Lovely photos, looks like you had a good weekend with some nice bright weather but I bet it was chilly!
    Gill xx

  11. fish and chips.....divine.....what a lovely way to be celebrated!!

  12. Mmm, fish and chips at Harry Ramsdens, and a trip to the beach too, perfect. I like your idea to release balloons for Grandad B, how lovely.

    Gillian x