Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Back to the Farm

On Sunday we went on a return visit to Manor Farm.
There were lots of new arrivals in the farmyard such as the cutest twin baby calves born 5 days earlier

and in one of the barns there were lambs which were also just a few days old.

It was feeding time not longer after we got there, a fact this pig was well aware of! She had heard the farmer's voice and had lifted herself up and was snuffling the air sniffing out the bucket of food he was bringing over for her.

Brown paper bags full of chicken food can be purchased and we always buy a bag to feed the multitude of hens, cockerels and ducks who wander around the farm.

We have never spotted this shepherds hut on any of our previous visits, the steps of which made for an ideal photo posing opportunity.

Just look at the dinky little stove set inside it.

The others weren't really bothered about going back to look inside the farmhouse again, but this is just about my most favourite part I had to nip in.

How cosy a scene is this?
A real fire blazing away and as well as the armchair itself being swathed in crochet blankets this clever lady has a shawl of granny squares draped around her shoulders as she works on the most beautiful blanket. Perfection.

And as if that wasn't wonderful enough there were even more beautiful items to feast my eyes on as I wandered around the room featured in the Wartime Farm TV series.
No more words from me ,except to say if you are ever in the area a visit is a must especially if you coincide it with one of the special events they run during the year. Now just enjoy the vintage loveliness in the rest of the photos.


  1. That looks like a lovely day out. I used to enjoy farm visits when my two were little.
    I can remember houses like that from my own childhood, and now they're called vintage. Oh dear!
    Kathy xxx

  2. This really does look like a great day out. Love the photo of the greedy pig! The shepherds hut is wonderful - oh to have a garden big enough and a wallet deep enough to have one. Enjoy the rest of the week - lets hope that the sunshine continues.

  3. I've ALWAYS wanted one of those kitchen cabinets, but have never (until now) had room for one. Love the stove too.

  4. The piccy of the pig is hilarious and yes, I did enjoy that vintage loveliness - especially that gorgeous blanket and the kitchen cabinet. xx

  5. what a wonderful place to visit. Cute animals and a lovely farmhouse to visit. I would be in heaven! lol.

    What lovely crocheted blankets just lovely.

    P x

  6. I enjoyed this, it looks like a great place to, lots to see and very interesting.

  7. What a fab day out. I love farm visits, but this is so much more. I remember having one of those kitchen cupboards with the glass doors at the top and the pull down leaf to work on in our kitchen when I was little.

  8. What a fascinating place, I love the shepherd's hut too, they make them near to where I work - unbelievably expensive though!

  9. Wow that looks a great day out for everyone!
    Such lovely calf and lambies,and love that pig too!
    But the house is amazing - it all looks so cosy! Yes, yes I know we are lucky with all our machines and technology, but at what cost to cosiness!!?
    A blend of both I guess - and we are lucky!
    Thanks for sharing it all Lisa, I hope you all had a great day.
    Gill xx

  10. They are opening a wartime farm near me - I can't wait! That Shepherds hut looks great - for camping in!! The animals look so sweet. Its great to be able to get out and about in the nice (but cold!) weather again xxxx

  11. I really want that yellow vintage kitchen dresser!

    I remember going to Manor Farm as a child. Over Easter my parents took my children while we were away - the kids absolutely loved it. Happy days. x

  12. We drove past the signpost on Sunday ! I want to take my mother there soon. Thank you for the sneaky preview !
    The grandchildren used to love farm visits with mum in Wales.
    I can't wait to see inside the house either !