Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Additions

I have added a few new pieces to the dresser recently.
The sugar bowl was given to me by my sister after she had a bit of a sort out.

A sugar shaker found in a charity shop for 99p, I was thinking of possibly using this for sprinkling chocolate on hot drinks.

There has only been one jumble sale this year and there were pretty slim pickings to be had but I did find this shallow enamel bowl for 50p.

Finally a large glass jug, again from a charity shop, for £1.99 which as soon as I spied it on the shelf I could visualise full of Pimms or elderflower cordial and lemonade.


  1. I'll be round for a Pimms later on then!! All very very lovely additions. xxxxxx

  2. Sugar shakers are making a huge comeback - great to find one !

    Enjoyed your post about Christchurch - I used to take the children there when they were young. The swans are quite scary !
    Jess enjoyed feeding squirrels & pigeons in the priory gardens.

  3. Lovely. The sugar bowl is very Cath Kidston esque. I have some shallow enamel dishes, they're really handy. I can see the jug gracing your garden table in summer.

  4. LOVE the sugar bowl! Very nice finds Lisa.

    Bellaboo X

  5. Some great finds - that jug would serve Pimms very well - let's hope we get a good Summer!

  6. Great finds! Love the sugar bowl, so pretty :)

  7. Lovely finds. I especially love that big glass jug - perfect for Pimms, as you say! x

  8. You have such a knack for finding magical treasures! Love 'em all.

  9. Give me a shout when the pimms is being served ;o)

    Victoria x