Tuesday, 28 May 2013

PJ Day

It's been pouring with rain all day and so we are having a PJ day.

 We were lucky to have had two days full of sunshine at home after our trip to London. 
Yesterday afternoon was spent in our friend's garden for the naming celebration they were holding for their daughter. 
Sunday afternoon was spent in our back garden.
G and I were busy with various tidying jobs and making plans for how we would like the garden to look.
We don't have many plants in the garden but we do have a couple of clematis, they look so pretty, this one even more so with the aquilegias poking through

and as well as looking lovely they provided welcome shade for Melvin who was never far away from us as we were pottering away.

One of the jobs G did was paint the side wall of our neighbour's garage, the side which borders our garden. He had a willing helper for a short while too, until she was invited to a friend's house to play. In fact S was out for most of the afternoon as was T with his friends and it was a very strange feeling not having either child at home.

We don't have any plans for the rest of half term, which is quite unusual for me. I usually make sure we have a few ideas of things to do but with me working on Friday and our invitation to friend's yesterday I thought I would just see how things pan out for the middle days of the week and everyone seems happy with the PJ day for today.


  1. P.J. and blankets are the best way to spend a cold wet day. I don't think you can make plans this year. You just have to seize the moment when the weather brightens up!
    Have a good week.
    Kathy x

  2. Yay to P.J days. My two love them and might have to put up with another one tomorrow! lol Blimmin rain.

    Looks like you had a few productive days though. always a good thing!

    P x

  3. I would have loved to have a PJ day - enjoy your lolloping around days. xxxxx

  4. No rain here, it clouded over at lunchtime but is still dry.
    I don't think I've ever had a PJ day, except when recovering from an operation.
    Even if we were off school sick as children my Mum made us get up and get dressed, thinking we'd feel less sorry for ourselves if we weren't in our PJs. It sounds good though if you aren't ill but just want a lazy day.

  5. I love having days where nothing's planned and you can just go with the flow. My two would live in their pj's full time if I let them, lazy teenagers.

  6. Can't get over how grown up S is looking in your last couple of posts. How quickly they grow. William is now taller than me. Times goes too quickly in so many ways. x

  7. Wow didn't it rain ? But two sunny days were fab.
    That's so pretty the Clematis with the dainty flowers peeking through and some welcome shade for Melvin.
    My cats bake themselves silly in the sun !

  8. I was a real mean Mum, I made mine get dressed and do housework today after a pj day yesterday! Have a good rest of the week x