Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How Long Has It Been

since I last blogged? I have been a bit rubbish with finding time to get on-line recently. Life just goes like that sometimes I suppose, so in an effort to catch up (again!) there now follows a selection of randomness.

The Saturday after our hot dog picnic we all went to Netley Abbey for a couple of hours. It is quite rare these days for all 4 of us to take a trip together and for it to happen twice within the space of one week is nothing sort of miraculous. T had a smashing time on both occasions, we think that perhaps he just forgot going out with your mum and dad can be fun.
So to prove he was with us here he is doing a less intense version of the Karate Kid pose!

My mum rang me very excitedly one afternoon to say she was looking through the local paper, just as she does every day, and there on the page staring back at her was T and S, a photo taken at the sponsored walk! G is at the back with part of his head on show and all you can see of me is my leg as S is stood slap bang in front of me. We didn't realise we were going in the paper so I nipped to the shop sharpish and bought a copy for G's mum to keep.

How good do these cookies look? I can vouch for their deliciousness. They were made one evening by T and S. One evening after we had eaten T asked if he could bake a cake, I said he could  but he had to choose which one and do it himself. He is a great one for wanting to get someone else to do everything else for him! In the end he decided cookies would be quicker. S was very keen to help and between them they did it. It was lovely watching and listening to them work together.

It is the season of the summer fete and I took S to one a couple of weekends ago.  The organisers had devised a decathlon for the children which included throwing wellies, balancing along a bench, scoring a goal, putting a golf ball and scrambling under a tarpaulin. Once all were completed a certificate and small bar of chocolate were awarded.

G and I have been very busy in the back garden. We've been to the tip and finally got rid of the last bits and pieces of rubbish. Window boxes have been planted for the front of the house and strawberries were bought from B&Q for a very reasonable 6 for £3.00 and hung in hanging baskets in the back garden. The honeysuckle is out and it smells heavenly. There is still lots more to do but it's so much tidier and that helps enormously.

Then at the end of our busy days we have a rest in these. Stripy deckchairs which used to belong to my dad. So many reasons to love them.

S's school have held there first proper sports day. They always do something, but it's in the concrete playground and so is a bit restricted, no playing fields for them. But this year each year group was taken to the City sports centre and parents were able to go along and watch. We saw S take part in the 4x100 relay. She was on the second leg and her team were in second when she took over, by the time she did her leg they were in first and they finished second over all. Well done S you're the best!

And so to last weekend, Sunday to be precise. We all (yes again!) went into town for the Thai festival. Sweet chilli chicken, chicken satay, prawn tempura and noodles were all enjoyed once we had walked up and down the various food stalls and decided which one liked the look of the most.

J is a friend of T's. They went to Infant and Junior school together and still keep in touch now and she was dancing at the festival and she looked gorgeous in her beautifully bright coloured dress.

As well as the traditional dancers the Lady Boys were on hand strutting their stuff in skimpy outfits

I haven't been out and about in charity shops or any shops really but I did manage a quick look in a couple on Saturday when we went to Salisbury where I found the cutest little egg cup which had to come home and live on the dresser.


  1. Goodness you've been so busy. No wonder you've had little time to blog. Family time is wonderful, make the most of every minute! Hope you're enjoying this wonderful sunshine.
    Kathy x

  2. How lucky that your Mum bought the local paper otherwise you could have missed it. The cookies look delicious. Well done to S on the relay success.

  3. A VERY mixed post - deckchairs, egg cups and lady boys!! hahaha. Lots of very lovely familyness in here - but then you are a very lovely family. And T & S are REALLY growing up. Lots of love xxxxx

  4. You have been busy and with lots of lovely things too :)

  5. What a lovely catch up post ... we missed you !
    Brilliant to be in the local paper.

    The Thai festival looks such fun & the Lady boys made me giggle.

    Glad T got to run on grass ( and not slip like so many at Wimbledon this year ) well done her. T looks so tall !

    and the cookies look scrumptious !

    ( Highly recommend the Forest Bus Tour for a day out )

  6. No wonder you haven't been blogging, you've been so busy. It looks like you've all been having lots of lovely family time together. It's quite rare for all four of us to be out together now, in fact, most times it's just the two of us. Well done to S on her relay, and of course all of you on the sponsored walk, how lovely to find yourselves in the local paper. That's one for the scrapbook.

  7. What a lovely post full of happy things. It's nice hearing about the way you can spend time together as a family when your kids are slightly older. Bless them for baking those cookies together! And I have to say I love that little egg cup, it's adorable. x

  8. Wow you have been busy! I love the look & sound of the Thai festival - such fun!

  9. I am hoping so much you make it this way this summer xx

  10. No wonder you've not had time to blog! Good to see you back, great post x