Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lacock (part one)

I'm not going to witter on much on this post, I'll (mostly) just let the photos do the talking.

We didn't go into this pub but apparently it dates back to 1361, has a grand open fireplace with a dogwheel.

Part of the building below was once the workhouse.

This house is on the corner of the High Street is was one of my favourites. The steps up to the front door, he colour of the door, the lavender, the shape of the house itself, just loved it all.

Nearly all the buildings in Lacock are owned by the National Trust and one of these cottages in this row (though I'm not sure which one!) is available to rent as holiday accommodation.

I tried as much as possible to take photos without the residents cars in shot, but sometimes it was unavoidable.

The tithe barn, which was beautifully cool inside and very welcoming for that reason.

Walking along this path was part of our journey to and from our B&B.

Some favourite snippets.
Detailing on one of the houses.

A fantastic display of flowers for sale all at very reasonable prices too.

G liked this owl standing guard outside one house. 

This little window is round at the side of my favourite house on the High Street.

Hope you have made it to the end of this picture heavy post and that this last photo makes you go 'awww'.
We spent quite a while watching this little kitten and another cat playing up in a tree having so much fun together. Too cute.

There's one more post to come!


  1. Imagine living there! it's so beautiful.
    We did go into that pub. We were there on a cold February day,and there was a huge roaring fire. Very welcome indeed! looking forward to your next post. I think I know what it will be!
    Kathy x

  2. So attractive - I imagine the paintwork all has to be the same colour and that does make it so picturesque. Really lovely.

  3. I love this area.Perfect weather for your trip.
    ..and what a cute kitty!

  4. It looks fabulous, the kind of place I'd love too so I know exactly what G meant when he said that you should be there with him. The last photo did make me go awwww, I always seem to latch on to animals wherever I go.

  5. Gorgeous - so lovely. I need to plan my visit! xxx

  6. What an interesting place to visit.