Sunday, 27 October 2013

Birthday Time

It was my sister's birthday on Thursday which can only mean one thing. 
I spend an age wrapping up all the bits and bots I have accumulated for her all year. 
For those that don't already know, for our birthday and Christmas gifts to each other we have a budget of £10 and the presents have to come from a car boot, a charity shop or a jumble sale.
Sometimes this rule is broken because we find 'just the right thing' in a shop.
That's why I gave her this CK Christmas sack. I found it reduced way back in February for £3.50 and I knew she would love it.
The look on her face when she opened it confirmed that

The bodywarmer she knew about as we were both at the same jumble sale. It looks brand new and cost 30p, the blue bowl was also 30p, as was the heart patterned dish. The mini mugs were 20p each and the heart shaped dish the most expensive of this lot at 50p.

Unintentionally I had a bit of a colour theme running through some of the clothes I bought. From left to right they cost 30p, 50p, 50p and £1.00 each. The crocheted bag was 50p.

Finally we have a stripy knitted hoodie for 30p, a jigsaw for 50p, a black and white top for 30p and a tshirt with cute little birds on for 50p. I also bought a really pretty navy dress patterned with red and white bows for 30p which I somehow managed not to photograph. I am disappointed about as it was my second favourite thing after the CK deer present sack. I shall just have to try and get a photo of her wearing it instead.


  1. Wow what a lot of gifts, you did well with your £10!

  2. You have a great eye for a real bargain Lisa. What a lovely selection of presents.

  3. You saw have the knack! Fabulous. By CD I presume you mean Chaz and Dave? No I didn't but it sounds intriguing. xxx

  4. You find some great bargains Lisa. I never do!!! That is a whole heap of presents for under £10.00. I bet she had loads of fun unwrapping them all as well. x

  5. Wow what a bargain hunter and a good sister you are :) I love these posts. The body warmer is lovely.

  6. How lovely getting so many wonderful presents, your sister is very lucky. No wonder she loved the CK sack, it's fab, and I love the Flower Fairy jigsaw.

  7. I am pretty impressed at your eye for a bargain! That gorgeous bag, for only 50p...why do I never see these things? And that body warmer is really nice. You definitely have "the sight" when it comes to finding treasures among discarded items, and your sister is very lucky. x

  8. Wow, you got a lot for your money!!! We also have/had a £10 limit, though haven't instigated the second hand idea, although my mum and I invariably do buy each other something from there!
    I've never been to a jumble sale and wish I could! X