Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Half Term

We've had a good half term so far.
Sunday morning I took S into town with me as last weekend was the last chance to see a photography exhibition housed in a historic building called The Wool House. This was formerly the home of the Martime museum and is now being used as a venue for exhibitions and workshops. The event we went to see was part of Black History Month and the information said that items were chosen from events from over the last nine years and unfortunately some of the pieces did look a bit old and tired. 

Laid out on a big table underneath the right hand window on the first floor was a roll of paper and a lots of felt tip pens. Next to it was a sign saying 'draw what you can see out of the window'.
This is S's interpretation of the Tesco lorry she saw waiting at the Isle of Wight ferry terminal opposite.

On entering the Wool House one of the first things you see is this big clock from the Docks. I'm not sure where it was originally hung, but as my Dad worked at the Docks for many years I did wonder if maybe it was something he would have seen on a regular basis.
I love this dress which is made from plastic, so intricately cut, the bugs are cut from old plastic milk bottles too.

It was very windy on Sunday and so we didn't stay in the park for very long. S burnt off some energy on the swing, slide, climbing frame and finally the trampoline before we headed home. 

Monday morning the three of us went to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2 which we all really enjoyed and in the afternoon S and I cut out some pumpkins and bats to be used as part of our Halloween decorations later in the week.

On Tuesday we put on our wellies and went to the country park for the Halloween trail. We found a fabulous den which had survived the stormy weather, a couple of others were looking a bit worse for wear.

No words needed!

No photos of the trail pictures as they were all the same as last year so instead we have one of S sat on a badger.

After we do the trail we go to a garden centre for hot chocolate and a mooch around their Christmas department.
We liked the display just by the entrance, a shed with stag head over the bright red door a mini stack of pumpkins and the children patted the head of the dog sat behind the hedge!

We have eaten quite a bit of Halloween themed foods this week. Mainly junk I have to admit. The treat tin has snack sized packets of biscuits in, for lunch we have had eaten crisp webs and there has been potato pumpkins and Halloween shaped pasta for tea. 

Today we have been busy putting out our decorations for Halloween. A ball of bobbly black wool from the 99p shop was wound around tent pegs to create a spider web on the gravel in the front garden.

S made a wonderful Hello Kitty pumpkin. I found the idea ages ago on Pinterest and S loved it when I showed her. She did loads of it herself, she painted it, cut out the ears and stuck on the eyes and nose.

When G came home from work he got busy with carving the other two pumpkins we had bought. Both look great

but this one is a real triumph. We heard lots of our 50 plus trick or treat callers squeal with delight as they spotted it and said 'ugh look that pumpkin's been sick!'


  1. I love those pumpkins, especially the pumpkin vomit! 50 trick or treaters, wow, we had none! We live too far out of the village much to the kids disappointment. Hope you had a good one.

  2. ha ha ! your pumpkin is hilarious !
    What a lovely half term you are having doing lots of fun things.

    We had an all time record of Halloween callers last night with lots of little ghosts, witches, vampires and one lawyer !

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Lovely pics of your half term holiday. We had ours last week, and it now seems a distant memory. Your pumpkins are great, especially the vomit one!

  4. We had no visitors last night!
    But I am more of a humbug with it all now. Love the hello kitty pumpkin. Did you know there is a paper exhibition in Seacity which includes a Rob Ryan?

  5. The pumpkin vomit is super!!! Mwa ha!!!!! You sound like you've had a fun, busy half term x

  6. PS ... meant to say, love the Hello Kitty pumpkin, love the spider's web & I would have patted the dog too !

  7. Great pumpkins - especially the last one!

  8. what a great, fun filled post :)

    The dress and insects are brilliant, as are your pumpkins - I love the sick pumpkin - brilliant idea!

  9. Great pumpkins & I love the spider web x

  10. Remind me to do the sick pumpkin next year - it's fab! Love all the photos xxxxx

  11. Love the spiders web and the pumpkins! I'm glad you all had a good time!

  12. What a fun filled week you've had. I love the Hello Kitty pumpkin, but my favourite is the one being sick. I must remember to do a similar one next year.

  13. 50 plus? Eek! The vomiting pumpkin is the best thing ever. Xx

  14. I love Halloween! I love vomiting pumpkins!

  15. Your pumpkins are brilliant. I love S's Hello Kitty creation but the vomiting one is very funny. It looks like you all had a fab week. x