Monday, 3 March 2014


Snippets from Sunday.

A visit to the park so S could try out her new vtriker scooter, her birthday present from me and G.

Very welcome swathes of new spring colour.

                  New battle wounds on the trees from the recent storms.

New (to me) tank top. S needs a costume for World Book day on Thursday so we made a quick stop off in our everything £1.99 charity shop and found the perfect brown top for her and this for me.

Once home again and settled with a hot chocolate S asked me help her learn something new. A friend of mine gave S a learn how to knit kit, it may be a long while before the scarf is complete but she really enjoyed learning something different.


  1. Purple scarf spaghetti! I love it! But seriously it won't take long to learn. Glad you had a good weekend x

  2. Scooters are really back in. I see children all over the village on them. They were the best ever Christmas present for Jess & Joe many years ago.
    Sweet tank top & hope the knitting goes well. I remember my mother teaching me to knit. I think I made a scarf for a doll and that was it !

  3. I see all the children at the local primary school scooting to school and then all the parents carrying the scooters home with them after they've dropped them off. They seem to be as popular as ever. I bet it won't be long until S has that scarf knit up, it's lovely that they still want to learn old crafts. Eleanor never really took to knitting or crochet, she soon got bored with them both.

  4. Love the scooter I could do with one of those myself although at 51 I might not get the same looks as S will.

  5. The scarf would go well with your new tank top! x

  6. lovely lovely lovely. I love she wants to try new things. PS bought Becky a scooter to get to work on!! I saw people using them in Paris. She loves it (and she is nearly 22!!) xxx

  7. Well done to S!!! Great tank too!! What was her costume?? X