Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paper Patterns

Question : What do you do with old paper patterns when you can't sew but you love the vintage artwork?

                     Answer: You make them into necklace pendants of course.

In this post a couple of years ago I described the fun I had along with my sisters when we used to play at fashion shows and beauty contests with the models cut from old Simplicity and Style pattern books. Given the happy memories attached to these drawings and the fact they are just too attractive to be hidden in a drawer I wanted to make something with them.
I found these silver and glass pendants for sale on ebay and placed the glass rectangle over the picture I wanted to use to see how I wanted to trim it down to fit.

I really like this middle figure but unfortunately I couldn't use her because the shop stamp was over her hair so I used the black and white picture on the pattern itself. Not quite as pretty as the colour drawings but lovely just the same.

                                  This is my favourite of the three. 
You can still see the glue on the lapels of the dress because it hadn't quite dried out and become clear when I took the photo. She has such a sweet face and I love the colour and style of her hair.

They were so quick and easy to make and I love wearing them, I'm definitely going to keeping my eye out for more patterns in the charity shops and car boots.


  1. They're fabulous. I would never have thought to use them in this way. How lovely that they have special memories for you too.

  2. I absolutely love these Lisa! The redhead is my favourite too. x

  3. What a fab idea. Well you know what I will be rooting in my junk room for this weekend. I know I've got plenty of choice.....somewhere. X

  4. They're brilliant Lisa, a fantastic idea. My grandma had a stash of these patterns many years ago, mainly to make ' pretty frocks' for me!

  5. These are superb & a lot of fun - brilliant idea x

  6. What a lovely idea. My mother and grandmother and several other ancestors going back were all seamstresses so I grew up surrounded by patterns of all shapes and sizes.

  7. Fantastic Lisa! I love them! You have now got my brain ticking over!!! Have a lovely weekend (meant to be sunny) x

  8. What a fab idea!!!! So attractive!
    And I feel the same as you about macaroons! Horrid dry, tasteless, artificial things!!! X

  9. What a clever idea Lisa, they look wonderful. They are so original!
    I love old patterns too, but I always hope to use them one day!
    Gill xx

  10. This is such a good idea! Yes, I love the look of these patterns too. And vintage knitting patterns - they're often very amusing. x