Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Advent Activities

Day two and I'm very pleased to say S was feeling fine once again and back at school. I work until 6.30pm on a Tuesday and so for Day 2 we needed something which was quick and fun to do.
The pack of Christmas snap cards we have had since T was small proved ideal. We had a couple of games with S and then a game of pairs. S was amazing at this game when she was little and would regularly beat me without me trying to lose!

We then spent a very hectic half an hour playing racing games with these mini cars. 
Two simple ideas but such good fun.

Today was card writing day. From previous years I have learned to do this earlier rather than later with S. She has already received 4 cards from friends at school and I knew she would be keen to start writing hers.
Mince pies and nibbles were set on the table, to help keep the energy levels up during this strenuous task don't you know.
A girl after my own heart, before S began writing in the cards she wrote out a list.
I love a list. I seem to have several on the go myself just now, as I'm sure most others do too.

I made a start on my cards but still have a fair few to go. The ones I wrote this evening have been stashed in my new bag where they will be kept until all are complete and ready for the off.
I just couldn't resist the little robin stamp motif.


  1. Ah you are so good! I am NOT so good, have not written any, though I'm getting parcels ready to send! x

  2. That bag is a Christmas Elfs dream! Glad S is feeling better x

  3. I remember the school Christmas postal service with great affection. Do they still do that? xxxx

  4. Glad to hear that S is a list maker, we're the best lol!!
    That bag is so cute. x

  5. That little bag is so cute. Glad to hear that S is feeling better and already in the swing of card writing, she's beat me to that task. I remember playing pairs with my mum when I was little.

  6. ooh school Christmas post - we even had a letter box at secondary school !

    Not one card bought or written yet or even the list made; the shop has taken over everything ! Late night shopping tonight x