Thursday, 11 December 2014

Where Did That Week Go?

A much heard refrain from this time of year, but really, where did that week go?
Back to last Thursday we go.
As well as doing fun stuff for ourselves some of the advent activities are about doing good things for others and so I asked S to sort through her well stocked bookshelves to see if there was anything she was willing to part with. A small selection was made and these were set aside to be donated to the Infant school for their library.
Friday night was going to be sit down and watch a Christmas movie together night. S had a friend staying over and so in the end the pair of them sat and watched a movie whilst munching their own body weight in popcorn. 
They were happy and so we were happy too.
Saturday morning we took the girls to a nearby plant nursery, which is set in one of the parks, as they were holding their Christmas fair and just look who we got to meet.
Comet the reindeer. What a handsome fellow he was.

The girls had a good run around and stop off in the playground before we headed home for lunch and Saturday's activity which was icing and decorating chocolate digestives so they look like Christmas puddings. They loved this.

Sunday was paper chain making. We normally have the ones you stick together but these have little slits in them and you just tuck one end in. If we are careful we'll be able to just undo them, keep them stored nice and flat and use again next year.

Monday should have been a round or two of the Snowman board game but we ended up having to dash to my sister to pick up some clothes which S was going to borrow for her school production. I hadn't read the note from school properly and when I realised the clothing had to be in school on Tuesday we had to put our game on hold.
Tuesday was a Christmas jigsaw. The pieces are big and it doesn't take long to complete, so we have been racing to see how quickly we can get it done.

Wednesday was making a food donation to a local animal rescue charity. The librarian who runs the book club I attend collects donations on behalf of the charity and as Wednesday was book club night I took a couple of tins of dog and cat food with me.

Today's activity was a bit of a cheat as it was S's school play. We had very limited time this evening to do anything very much rather than squeeze something in and be even more rushed this option made sense.
The Year 5 production was Mary Poppins and S was in the chorus dressed as a chimney sweep. Luckily the 'costume' involved wearing her own black leggings, navy tshirt and black boots, T's navy shirt and my sister's grey waistcoat. Soot smudges were provided by the school make up team!
G went to this afternoon's performance and I went to the one this evening and very proudly watched S singing most enthusiastically.

And so that's us up to date.
Of course there has been the day to day stuff too.
Also I managed an evening out with a friend on Sunday and G is on his third night out of the week. He has had a few music gigs to go and see. I've been out doing more Christmas shopping, very nearly there now! Plus this week we've been having some work done on our roof so it's been pretty busy one way or another. 


  1. Phew!!!!! I'm exhausted!!!! S is growing into a very very beautiful young lady xxx

  2. You do so many lovely activities with S, no wonder she's such a lovely, creative and enthusiastic girl! Wish some of our parents could see this Role model! I think some find it hard to think of activities to do together with their kids.
    The Christmas puddings are genius!!!!! X

  3. I miss the school productions, it was always a nativity when they were in infants and then they moved on to other Christmas plays once they moved up to juniors. It's lovely that you think of others even though it's such a busy time of year.

  4. What a lovely idea to do an activity a day and such imaginative things too. I
    Mary Poppins sounds great, an ambitious choice!

  5. I love the chocolate Christmas pudding biscuits !
    I like your Christmas activity a day & still miss the school nativity.
    Jess & Joe decorated our tree beautifully - I came home to find a vision of beauty - how they grow up ! ( well they are 18 & 22 - perhaps they will cook Christmas dinner ! )

  6. You really manage your time so well Lisa. I wish I could be as organised as you! x

  7. Advent activities, what a great idea. I love those Christmas pudding chocolate digestives, they are so effective! x