Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Come With Me

About 5 minutes drive from where we live there is a very reasonably priced flower shop and it's here I tend to go when I want some plants for the garden.
The window boxes at the front of the house need sprucing up and there are a  few pots in the back garden I wanted to plant up too.

Today the sun was out and it seemed a good day for spending time in the garden and making the most of being outside. So instead of nipping to the shop in the car I decided to walk to the shop.
I took my camera with me and here are a handful of  things which caught my eye on the way.

I love honeysuckle. The heady scent, the shape of the flowers, it's rambling nature. When I worked for Royal Brierley I bought a few pieces from their honeysuckle crystal glass range.
This honeysuckle is growing over my neighbour's fence.

We've been to many a summer fete on the green outside the local church. And many a jumble sale inside the church hall. 

What is it about old post boxes set into brick walls which is so appealing?

Graffiti on a wall by a railway bridge.

I knew I wouldn't be able to walk home again after buying the plants, but that wasn't a problem as just across the road from the shop is a train station.
Loved the chipped and stripped paint on this door at the station.

I only had to stay on for one stop and then hop off at my local station. Lots of stations on the local lines have this oak leaf motif on the metal work.

Once home I found the postman had been and continuing the floral theme of the day, he had delivered a CK catalogue in the prettiest envelope ever.


Diane said...

Honeysuckle is a wonderful plant. I have some in the garden and it has a wonderful perfume of a summers evening xxxxxx

Angel Jem said...

I am supposed to get the Cath Kidston catalogue, and yet it never seems to get to me! I wonder is it such a pretty envelope, the postman doesn't want to ruin it?

Gillian said...

It's funny, isn't it, how when we walk a journey we usually drive how much more we notice. What a pretty walk. And I am so jealous of your window boxes! x

Mitzi said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely walk with us. We're all so busy most of the time that we don't get to appreciate the things around us do we. I hope the planting went well. Did you spend lots of money (in your head only of course) whilst looking through the Cath Kidston catalogue.

Jo said...

A lovely walk, I think we notice much more when we have a camera in our hands. You didn't tell us which plants you bought though.

Simone said...

Lovely photos Lisa. You have an eye for pretty things! x

topchelseagirl said...

We definitely do notice far more on foot than in the car. Honeysuckle smells so lovely doesn't it? I am really into Post Boxes these days and have to photograph old or unusual ones when I see them. x

Kezzie said...

Oh what a variety! I love the honeysuckle and ooooh, lovely Cath catalogue!!!x

BadPenny said...

I stopped to smell a tumbling honeysuckle on my walk today. I love to see post boxes in walls too !

Curtise said...

What lovely photos. I do like a honeysuckle, and I'm a sucker for Victorian railway metalwork! xx