Monday, 18 May 2015

Donkeys and Drawers

Going into town at the weekend for a spot of clothes shopping isn't my idea of fun.
But as my 10 year old daughter is growing at such a pace right now it's something which needs to be done.
To make this task just a bit more interesting we decided to combine it with something much more fun.
Just before midday me, G, S and S's friend L-R drove into town, left the car in the multi-storey and hopped on a train.
Five minutes later on arriving in Totton we hopped off again.
I had packed plastic cups, plates and cutlery so for picnic supplies we made our first stop Lidl (I know, exciting or what!).
From there we went to the local recreation ground as being held here was the reason for our trip, a donkey derby, an event now it's 20th year organised by the Eling Sea Scouts.
Before going in we settled down next to the play park where S and L-R played for ages. They ate some food, went and played, popped back for more food and then played again. Where we were sat the ground gently sloped away from us and this provided excellent downhill rolling opportunities for the girls as well.

We did eventually make it over to the donkey derby and watched a couple of races before S said she didn't feel so well.
Possibly a combination of the heat, the food and the downhill rolling.
Who knows but she didn't look too bright so we made our way back to the station.
The photo above was taken pre feeling groggy.

Feeling off colour meant that she was in no mood for the clothes shopping part, so all that's still to be done.

Sunday we were going to go to the car boot but S wasn't in the mood and we had all slept in a bit longer than we normally do so decided to give it a miss. My sister sent me a text me later in the morning to say we hadn't missed much so I'm glad we hadn't bothered to race round getting ready and went for the more leisurely pottering.

There is always plenty to do at home and I wanted to try and finish a project I had started a few weeks back.
In our bedroom we have a plain wooden chest of drawers which I had wanted to paint. We bought it years ago from Argos, I can't find it on their website, but this is the bedside cabinet from the same range, just imagine it taller with six drawers.
This photo doesn't show the true colour it is now, it's greener and brighter in real life, but I'm really pleased with it. Some of the drawer fronts need anther coat but it's nearly finished. Our bedroom has been an ongoing project for a while now and it's still a way off being finished but at least this little job can very soon be ticked off the list.

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  1. I hope she's feeling much better. Your drawers look lovely - ooo er Mrs! xx

  2. I hope S feels better, what a shame! Those drawers look marvellous! I love the colour you painted them!x

  3. I hope S is feeling better now, at least she has her shopping trip to still look forward to. Love the drawers, that's a fabulous colour.

  4. Rolling down hills can have that sort of effect. Glad S is feeling better (I presume)

    And I love the green drawers!

  5. Love the blog title! Sorry the day out didn't go as planned and you STILL have to go clothes shopping (I hate that too! The drawers look great with a fresh lick of paint. Mine are in dire need of a makeover. x

  6. I love leisurely weekends, unfortunately they go all too quick and then I'm left thinking of all the things I could of done if only I had got up that bit earlier. Still there is always next weekend and it is a bank holidays one too.

  7. Poor S & you still have to go clothes shopping.
    I have a huge affection for donkeys. On holiday in Cornwall once, Roddy took ill so Jess, Joe & I spent a lot of time at the local donkey sanctuary.

    Smashing colour you chose x

  8. Clothes shopping with kids... Ugh, not my favourite thing. Luckily all three of my kids are still happy for me to find things for them in charity shops, phew!
    Sweet donkeys, and you did a great job with the drawers. xxx

  9. I hope S has fully recovered now. I LOVE donkeys, they are so cute! Great job with the drawers, you'll have to show us the whole room once you've finished it. x

  10. Great colour Lisa and your painting looks so professional - A perfect makeover!