Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Brighton Buys

A fortnight ago I posted about our night away in Brighton and at long last I've sat down again to post my finds.
Most of the things I bought were gifts for others and I was chuffed with each and every one of them.

First up are three items for my sister C, not sure if they'll make it into her birthday or Christmas haul of goodies as yet.
Heart patterned saucer for 49p.
Seriously tempted to keep this but I've been good and hidden away.

A £1 top with an incredibly soft texture which definitely comes under the clothing category of loungewear.

Very long pretty pastel scarf for 50p.

There were also two items which are perfect for part of C's advent gifts.
She has lots of birds visit her garden and has a couple of bird boxes up already. This plastic slot together one will be a great new addition. It cost 75p.

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of rom com on a Sunday afternoon.
20p and if it's only watched once it's got to be good value for one money.

My other sister T wasn't left out, for her advent I found these paper clips for 50p.

This next item was a really fab find. A brand new recipe book to Build Your Own Sandwich. It's a ringbinder type and the pages are split into four - bread, sauces, fillings and toppings. By flipping over the pages you can create thousands of different sandwiches.
I plan on giving this to a foodie loving male friend at Christmas and I'm thinking of teaming it with something like a speciality bread mix which relates to a recipe in the book.
This was 10p.

More Christmas cards. Snow, red post box and a robin, a winning wintry combination in my book.

This was the first thing I bought and is for me. I bought one of these with a cream stopper as gift for a friend a couple of Christmases again, I popped sweets inside hers. The suction on the lid isn't great on one this but that's fine as I won't be keeping food inside. Mine for £1.00.

And the very last thing I bought was also for me. I wanted a little something to remember our trip by and I was lucky enough to find a very little something.
This house is by Wade and apparently they made several little sets which together made up a village named Whimsey-on-Why. The little one I bought for £3.00 is Dr Healer's house. 


  1. Some lovely purchases here Lisa, they all look good to me.
    That last one and the words on the stitching is just great ...and so true!
    Whimsey-on-Why... I think I may research this more - thank you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week

    All the best Jan

  2. You got some great things, your present boxes must be quite full already and we're only in February.

  3. Great finds. I love Hugh Grant in movies.

  4. Fabulous finds, all of them. I'm sure your sisters will love their presents, the saucer with the little hearts is so pretty. X

  5. It is such fun to find wonderful items at great prices and think who to share them with. Such nice pieces.

  6. Some great finds! And another great, original gift idea!

  7. Lots of good finds! I love the little house! SO cute!! xx

  8. You always find such affordable lovely things Lisa. You must have a great eye for spotting them! I hope rhalf term week is going well! x

  9. You found some super items!!!x