Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen and Excellent Eleven

Birthday central at our house today.
T is celebrating being 16 and his thoughts are firmly on the future, leaving school and his options thereafter.
S is celebrating being 11 and her thoughts go no further than this weekend when she is off bowling with 2 friends and having them sleepover.

We were up at 6.30 this morning for present opening and the traditional birthday breakfast in our home of pain au chocolat. As everyone was sporting bed heads and PJs I agreed not to take any photos. 
Then it was time to get off to school, wearing their badges of course.

S came home saying she had had a good day apart from falling over in the playground and twisting her ankle!
T was staying late at school today. February is LGBT history month and he wanted to arrange an after school movie event and this was the only date the teacher helping him co-ordinate it was free. The school had even given him some money to purchase food and drink and he chose the movie The Imitation Game
Unfortunately no-one turned up to watch it. When I went to collect him he said he was disappointed that he had gone to so much effort and there was such a poor response and I can't say I blame him. 

Late afternoon my mum, sisters, aunt and cousin all popped round and there was some party food, two cakes with a total of 27 candles, lots of laughter, a chorus of happy birthday and many more cards and presents, all helping to fill the evening with love, happiness and good memories.


  1. I do feel for T, to go to the trouble of organising an event and no one turning up, that's awful. It's a good film too! I hope this won't put him off in future.

    I hope they both had a great birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to T and S. What a disappointment for T, no one turning up after all the effort he went to organising it, not to mention doing it all on his birthday too. I hope it didn't spoil his day for him and that both T and S enjoyed their birthdays.

  3. Happy birthday to your lovely kids! I hope T still had a fantastic day despite the disappointment at school. I hope they let him have all that food he bought for the event - he needs to be compensated for all his efforts!

  4. Happy Birthday to both children! Lovely to celebrate their birthdays together! xx

  5. What a shame that no one came- I'd be disappointed too. We're having 'Be your selfie' day on Friday as part of our LGBT month events and the children can come dressed up in anything they want that expresses who they are and we've had work and assemblies on it.
    Happy birthday to your two lovelies!!x

  6. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to T & S!!! It's very sad that T put so much effort into an event for no one to turn up, I really feel for him! I hope though he still had a nice day overall and this will not put him off to get organizing again as it's people like him who get things done!
    Anna xx

  7. Many Happy Birthday Wishes from me too ...

    Such a shame when you go to a lot of work and trouble and then no-one comes, but I do hope it doesn't put him off. Onwards, upwards, forwards ...

    Your late afternoon celebrations sound just lovely and yes it all goes towards "helping to fill the evening with love, happiness and good memories."

    Enjoy the rest of your week

    All the best Jan

  8. Happy Belated Birthays.

    Such a disappointment that no one turned up. Hopefully next time it'll be rocking. Hope he doesn't give up and tries again.

  9. Belated Birthday wishes to T and S! I am sorry to hear that T's event didn't get much of a response. Saying that, was it well advertised? I would have thought that a couple of teacher's may have found it in their hearts to show up and support him even if fellow pupils didn't. Anyway, don't give up T, think how you could encourage people to come to future events, was the time wrong? Did people even know about it? 10/10 to you for having the courage to organise such an event. x

  10. Happy birthdays all round. How very disappointing for T after he'd organised his event.

  11. What a shame no one turned up after T went to so much trouble. Glad both birthdays went well other than that though.

  12. Oh that is awful for T that no-one turned up. Sadly there is such apathy sometimes in schools. I agree, don't give up, would a couple of friends stay back to watch? Sometimes these events take a while to build momentum. Looks like there was lots of birthday fun!
    Caz xc

  13. So sorry to hear nobody turned up for T's event after he'd gone to so much trouble. Kids can be very cruel. I imagine it was awful for you and G as parents, as well - when our kids are hurt, we hurt twice as much for them, I always think. Anyway, I really hope it didn't put too much of a dampener on things for them, and the birthday celebrations were fun xx