Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Children's TV

On the first weekend of half term G, S and I took the train to Portsmouth.
There was a reason we went there which I shall get to in just a mo.
However our first stop, as it so often is, was for lunch.
In the summer lunch is usually a picnic, but in cold and wet February it was in a family friendly pub.
The building was once the offices for a local gas company and so before we go any further there's a couple of things to share from there.
Whilst waiting for S outside the ladies I took a photo of the old window directly above me

and the one directly in front of me. Looks like it and the banister next to it could do with a bit of a dust off!

Flanking the main entrance are two plaques dedicated to the men of the Portsea Island Gas Company who gave their lives during WW1.
Only right and proper these remained in place.

So to the reason for our trip. 
An exhibition of children's TV through the ages was being held and the chance to see it was drawing to an end as it was due to close within the next week.
I'm so glad we went.
Greeting us on arrival is the costume worn by the actor who played Fizz in the Tweenies. Fizz was S's favourite character.

Situated in another part of the museum was Jake, T's favourite Tweenie. He won't thank me for sharing that I'm sure!

There wasn't too much within the exhibition that S was familiar with, but she has always liked a bit of Rastamouse

and I found it amusing when she pointed to this little fellow and said 'Mum do you recognise who this one is?' She thought he was a recent creation of her TV children's TV generation and hadn't realised that Morph goes way back.

Another recent addition to children's TV is a new series of the old favourites The Clangers and this is a model of one of the new ones.

T was on a school trip in Madrid that weekend and even if he had been home I know he wouldn't have accompanied us but there was so much he would have recognised. 
All his favourites.
When we became a family his most favourite thing was Bob the Builder and his machines.
T had such poor speech delay back then and he couldn't say any of these words correctly and so it was more like Bo ye Builyer.
This machine is called Scoop, for obvious reasons.

Oh my word how many times did we hear the theme tune played for these next two. T had videos of Brum

and Rosie and Jim which we watched countless times.
Happy, happy memories.

G was very excited to see the original Pob puppet, this is one I don't remember at all.

Another highlight for him was this piece of original artwork from Captain Pugwash. Can you see the strips of paper coming out from the left side and the bottom? These work the arms and such to make the characters move.

For me there were 4 stand out items which I have to say really made my day.
First up two annuals. One for Mary, Mungo and Midge and the fantastic Camberwick Green. Two programmes which I loved.

And just look who it is...... Humpty!!!!
An original Humpty.
So, so exciting.

And if that wasn't enough there was an original Little Ted too.

To be honest my day was complete after seeing these two but it was taken up a notch further when the next thing I saw was an original Fingermouse.
What a treat it was to see these familiar objects from my childhood.

I've been to the museum a couple of times, the last time the children came with me during the school hols but G has never been so we made our way around the rest of the museum.
Should you ever be in Portsmouth I recommend a visit as they have lots of different permanent exhibitions which are well worth a look.
You can also get married here and as the door was open we had a peek and this beautiful painting was on the wall.

I've shared parts of the museum before but here's a few more from this trip.
I loved this decorative thistle light fitting which hung at the sea front during the mid 50's.

Part of a 1950's room set

Cosmetics from the 1950s and 1940s 

There is also a small art gallery in the building and within it we found this painting of a train approaching Fareham along the Wallington viaduct. A scene familiar to us as you can see from this post and it was a treat to see too.


  1. Certainly a very unusual exhibit. Have a special "hump day".

  2. What a great day out and definitely something there for everyone. I didn't know The Clangers had made a comeback, I remember them the first time round. Mary, Mungo and Midge and Camberwick Green were a couple of my favourites too. One programme I remember from my childhood was Mr Trimble but no one ever seems to know what I'm talking about when I mention it. I wonder if you do seeing as we're a similar age.

  3. What a fun family day out. My two would love this exhibition - they like the new 'Clangers' and 'Bob the Builder' and they'd recognise the Tweenies too as they still show them in Cebeebies. I hope they can move this exhibition up North - we'd love to go. X

  4. Thank you for a trip down memory lane x

  5. That sounds great! I love seeing Humpty and Fingermouse again. I loved Morph when I was younger! I was also a fan of dangermouse and I've been enjoying the new series (I love catching the new episodes on the iplayer - I'm not too old for it yet, hehe!. I'm too old for Tweenies of course, but I used to watch it when I looked after twin boys from the ages of 5 weeks to 3 years old! They're 16 this year *gulps*!

  6. Great post Lisa! I remember all of the toys - from my generation and then from my son's, I used to love Pob - P-O-B - he used to sound out his name then blow a big raspberry!!! I would have loved to visited the museum. x

  7. Mary, Mungo and Midge and Camberwick Green were among my favourites too. I also loved Mr Benn. That Humpty looks very hugable. x

  8. Thank you for that blast from the past! Camberwick Green and Mary, Mungo and Midge remind me of my childhood - and Humpty and Little Ted too!
    I'd forgotten all about the Tweenies - my lot watched that, and the Fimbles, and they loved Dora the Explorer and Diego. Must say, I'm glad we're passed that young kids' TV stage now though! xxx
    That stained glass window is glorious. xxx

  9. Brum looks just like Bessie,the 3rd Doctor's car!!! So cool! FINGER MOUSE! I am such a one for children's tv nostalgia, I would have loved this!x

  10. A great exhibition and something to keep all ages happy. I too loved Camberwick Green and can still remember the theme tune to Fingermouse! How did a piece of grey rolled paper on the end of a finger entertain us?! Thanks for sharing.
    Caz xx

  11. Oh Lisa, what a lovely post.
    Yes, Morph does go way back ...

    I think there have been some excellent children's TV programmes over the years and the amazing thing is whatever our age, in the years to come, we do remember them very fondly.

    I know when growing up I used to 'Watch With Mother' but every Tuesday my Auntie would visit and then we would all sit, and Auntie would watch too.

    My children and now the grand-children all have their favourites, which is how it should be.
    The museum does sound a good place to visit.

    I do like that stained glass window and plaques.

    With the end of the week here once more - have a relaxing Friday evening and a good weekend ahead.

    All the best Jan

  12. What I trip down memory lane for you both!