Friday, 18 March 2016

Bunny Wreath

I do like a quick and easy craft project.
I was looking on my Easter Pinterest board for something which I could make for decorating our front door.
I bought a styrofoam wreath from a local craft shop, glued on a pair of bunny ears and then wrapped round 2 fluffy scarfs both of which were purchased from a branch of Poundland.
The original idea came from mrs b's hive and a step by step guide for making hers can be found by clicking on the link. 


  1. Hi Lisa. I never think of decorating for Easter apart from the obligatory bunches of daffs and tulips, but I have to say that wreath dies look fun! My grandsons would love it. Mind I don't know how long it would remain on the door. X

  2. I like your bunny wreath. It's easy to make and looks cute. I'll have to show this to my girls, they'd love this! X

  3. Brilliant, I love it. I'm sure it will raise a few smiles as people pass by.

  4. Very cute...have a good weekend!

  5. Oh that is fun ...
    Sometimes a quick and easy craft project is the answer ...

    Do hope your Friday hasn't been too hectic.
    Enjoy the coming weekend

    All the best Jan

  6. Very seasonal! Such a great idea and unusual too! x

  7. That is so cool!!!!! What a great idea!Xx

  8. Didn't the bunnies at the Playboy club wear ears like this?
    Margaret P