Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to one and all.
As you can see the dresser has been given it's Easter makeover.

I've had a busy week. 
 I had to attend a two day training course, learning how to navigate my way around the computer system I'll be using in my new job, which I'll be going to for the first time this coming Tuesday.
S had to go to the breakfast club at school for these two days and thankfully she absolutely loved it.
She particularly enjoyed Wednesday because not only was there the pre-school early morning club but in the afternoon there was a treat of being able to watch a movie as a reward for good work over the term.

T finished on Wednesday and has been spending some extra time volunteering at the charity shop. Yesterday I picked him up after he finished and although I don't normally like listening to music in the car he played the Spice Girls and we sang along to it, very loudly and probably very out of tune!

Yesterday was a glorious day and I spent over 3 hours of it out in the back garden tidying up and cutting back and trying to restore some sort of order out there. Our garden really is a a big old mess, where is the Ground Force team when you need them?
G arrived home mid afternoon. He'd had a night away in Bristol with his mate K as they'd gone to see the Von Hertzen Brothers.
Last night our friends R and S popped round for a catch up. 
It was gone midnight before we got to bed and so the last thing I wanted this morning was to be woken up early.
Melvin the cat had other ideas as selfishly he wanted his breakfast and so around 6.30 he woken me up by gently batting my face with his paw. 
This evening G and I have a date at the opera. I'm just hoping I'll be able to stay awake for the whole performance!


  1. I have dresser envy! It looks wonderful! Happy Easter weekend Lisa. I hope your new job goes well on Tuesday. Good luck! x

  2. Exciting times, a new job to start, hope it all goes well for you this week. Glad S enjoyed Breakfast Club. A night at the opera, how grand, I keep saying that we must go and experience an opera but it's something we never seem to get round to. My mum and dad are big opera fans but it's something that's never really grabbed me, I think it may do if I see a live performance though. Have a wonderful time and Happy Easter.

  3. Lisa,I adore you Easter dresser makeover,so very pretty. Happy Easter to you & your loved once, hope the Bunny spoiled you all! Having started a new job myself recently I know how very exiting & daunting it is, hope it all goes well. GOOD LUCK!
    Anna xx

  4. Your dresser looks great.
    I do have some yellow Easter chicks and yellow flowers in a yellow bucket on the hall table ... bet you can't guess what my colour theme is? LOL!

    You've had a busy week, and it is sometimes so difficult to fit everything in.

    Hope you enjoyed the opera.

    Happy Easter Wishes to you, and yours ...

    All the best Jan

  5. Hi again Lisa, thanks for all your comments on the low carb diabetic earlier ...

    Talking of Marmite on one of the posts you commented on ...
    I did find this recipe idea and thought I'd share it with you.
    It's for Chocolate Cake with Marmite Caramel Buttercream, see what you think!

    Have a good Easter Monday

    All the best Jan

  6. Your decorations are always so gorgeous Lisa!!! Beautiful!
    Glad that S liked the breakfast club, we have one at our school and it looks really good- the kids seem to love it! They recently bought some roller skates and seeing the kids trying them in the playground is really funny!x

  7. Excellent Easter decorations, you did a great job on that dresser! Good luck for the new job, how exciting. xx

  8. Your dresser looks lovely Lisa. You have to sing loudly and out of tune in the car - it is the law lol!! Hope all is going well in your new job. x

  9. I hope your first day at your new job went well :)