Wednesday, 16 March 2016

About time

This is what happens every time.
Whenever life gets busy or there is something which is playing on my mind I become so wrapped up and distracted and it's always blogging, reading and posting, which takes a back seat.
I'm pleased to say though that this time the reason I have been preoccupied is because of something good.
I have been offered and have accepted a new job.
I'm in the last week of my time at the surgery and from next week I shall be employed elsewhere doing something very similar and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the new challenge.

This post is a mish mash from the last couple of weeks when my time and  energy have been diverted elsewhere.
There have only been a couple of clothing purchases.
 Apart, that is, from a bit of a splurge when in town recently.
We stumbled across the Cancer Research shop which was having a mega sale offering 10 items for £5.00. 
S and I rifled through the rails and between us found a nice collection of bits and pieces.
My favourite item though has to be this badger jumper.
Our local branch of Barnardos sell all items for £1.99 and so I snaffled this beauty for that bargainous price.

Over a couple of evenings G and I, with a tiny amount of help from S, put together this wonderful jigsaw.

All the sweets are in their 1980s packaging and we spent a lot of time saying 'oh I remember that!' Somethings haven't changed much whilst others have disappeared completely.

One Saturday we took the train down to Boscombe where we met G's brother P and his partner S for lunch. S had her birthday in February and we took her gifts with us. 
As you know I like a bit of a theme and this collection of presents is no different. We gave her an Avon Milk and Honey gift set, a Cathy Kelly book The Honey Queen and a bar of milk chocolate.

G and I have also managed to squeeze in an afternoon at the theatre. I haven't read Madame Bovary although I have heard it dramatised on the radio. G wasn't familiar with the story but after seeing this funny and clever adaptation we both want to read the original.

We have another trip to the theatre booked for May when we will be seeing The 39 Steps. Again neither of us are overly familiar with the details to this story and so for Mothers Day I was given a copy of Alfred Hitchcock's film version to help get us better acquainted.

Hopefully I'll get myself up to date with everything and manage to get a couple more posts done by the weekend.


  1. Lisa how exciting "I have been offered and have accepted a new job" - I wish you all the best in your new job.

    That jigsaw with all the sweet wrappers is amazing, and how colourful. I must admit I've not seen any like that!

    I do like the jumper you've bought.
    I think it must be time of year because quite a few of our charity shops have sales on too.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of the week too.

    All the best Jan

  2. Well you've certainly been busy. Well done on the job, hope your final week goes well and that you get off to a great start at the new place. What a fun jigsaw, I still can't get my head around Starbursts and still call them Opal Fruits, and Banjos, do they still sell them? Love the badger jumper. I've never seen The Thirty Nine Steps, that's another of those films I should really watch.

  3. Congratulations on the new job - that's good news, I hope it all goes well. A new job is one of the top items on my own 'wish list', haha!

    I love the jigsaw - the wrappers I remember from childhood. My first thought was to check it had a marathon in there and I was pleased to see opal fruits too! I always remember visiting a little local shop with my mum just after marathon became snickers and mum asked for a snickers and John the shopkeeper replied with 'Pardon? What did you just call me? Knickers?!" - how me and my sister laughed!

  4. Lovely to catch up with your busy time! Congratulations on your new job, I hope that you really enjoy it, I know they will love you! xx

  5. I'm v happy for you re the job! The badger is adorable too, yay! The jigsaw is BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE nostalgia over chocolate bars! As usual your gift giving skills are genius!!! The 39steps is brilliant!!! In all incarnations-I got CBC to read the book and he was hooked and he's not a big reader!!x