Wednesday, 22 June 2016

In Print

Look who was in our local paper.
Yep there's a smiling T telling everyone about Sue Ryder and why he has volunteered in one of their charity shops for 18 months.
He helps out on at least one day at weekends and he does extra days during the school holidays.
That will be changing now though as he has recently been offered a weekend job in a supermarket.
This he is absolutely thrilled about.
It was his first job interview and he was very nervous but hopefully he made a good impression.
Earning his own money is something he is very much looking forward to. He hopes to still be able to volunteer now and then as he has made a firm set of friends with the team there.
With school ending and new academic and workplace challenges beginning T will be busy.


  1. Lisa, you must be very proud. T has a exiting new time ahead of himself, I wish him
    all the very best!
    Anna xx

  2. He thoroughly deserves the recognition, very well done to him. It's lovely to see the paper showing good things about our young people, isn't it? There's too many news stories about teens getting in to trouble or causing mayhem but the majority are wonderful yet they don't usually get a bit of praise for it. He's done a great job volunteering and I wish him lots of success in whatever he goes on to do.

  3. Fantastic! How great is that! It shows that work is a good thing and that volunteering can lead to many good things!

  4. That's brilliant. Congratulations to T on his first job and he deserves a bit of recognition for the volunteering he's done - he always sounds like a wonderful young man!

    I volunteered in a charity shop when I was 16 and ended up there for about 4 years! They started paying me for Saturdays after 6 months in order to keep me as the managed thought I was too good to lose! I did voluntary as well when I could, but sadly the lovely manager retired and the replacement was such an awful woman that I quit and a few other volunteers did too!

  5. I feel so so proud of T! What an inspiration he is in so so many ways! Much love! xo

  6. Well done to T and good that the local paper speaks up for young people. Good luck for his future endeavors

  7. Well done T! Congratulations on your new job too! :)

  8. Well done to T ... how nice to be in the local paper.
    Great that he now has a weekend job.
    Every success both now and in the future.

    All the best Jan

  9. Bravo and well done to him!