Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sweets and Treats

S has been beside herself with excitement, these weeks are chock full of extras.
School is always busy at this time and as another academic years draws to end this one also signals the end of her time at junior school as senior school beckons in September.

Last week was Enterprise week.
In July the Year 6 children have a trip to a big water park to look forward to.
Enterprise week is their opportunity to raise funding for it by coming up with money making ideas.
S and her group decided to make cakes and other treats.
This was her contribution.
We made these by dipping Oreo cookies into melted chocolate and then into hundreds and thousands.
It was a bit of a joint effort as G used his pen knife to fashion the end of the lolly sticks so they would fit into the cake pop holder S was going to use for displaying them.

Next exciting event is happening right now.
S is away for the weekend on a school trip.
An activity weekend on the Isle of Wight.
G had to drop S at school yesterday at 11.30.
He text me to say she had ants in her pants all morning and couldn't wait to get going.
The weather here has been very showery and we are just across the Solent from the Island so I expect they've been having similar downpours but I bet they're still having a huge amount of fun.


  1. Lucky S, it sounds like she's having a great time in her last few weeks at school!

  2. S's oreo pops look very yummy. Hope she's enjoying her last term at school xx

  3. I'm sure she will have a great time ... lovely photo of her with her case!

    All the best Jan

  4. S is growing up fast! I hope she has a wonderful summer in the lead up to her transition to secondary school.

  5. Wow,she's getting so old! What a cute idea with the Oreos- brilliant!!!! I like the idea of raising money like that- clever!!! I am sure she had a wonderful time on the Isle of Wight. I went there for 5 days when I was in year 6 myself and LOVED it!